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Types of Love

  A lot of time we feel that sensational feeling called “Love”.We feel many different things and a lot of different chemical reactions take place during the “Love” phase.But have you ever thought of how many types of love could it be? Maybe you haven’t thought anything about it.Let me tell you there are four ...
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Nine Types of Serial Killers

  Often when we hear about serial killers, we think of them simply people who have killed multiple times. But the term “serial killer” is actually very vague.It covers a wide range of criminals.Here are nine types of serial killers. 1)  Organized Serial Killers Organized serial killers are probably one of the firstborn children of ...
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Experts discovered volcanic ice

Chinese scientists astonished the world while discovered firework ice. According to the Foreign News agency AP, volcanic ice has been discovered from the sea level of South China. The statement issued by China’s Ministry of Earth and Resources states that this discovery of mining experts is likely to have a huge breakthrough in the energy ...
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This unique project of building covered with trees in China

China is working on amazing high-rise buildings that can be called Jungle Tower. The tower is 656 feet tall and the other 354 feet, the building which will not only make the building attractive trees and plants will be planted along the flats and 132 pounds in the atmosphere (about 60 kg) of oxygen will ...
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The Giants Black Hole Discovered

The international team of astronomers has discovered a giant black hole after 10 months of continuous observation who is engaged in consuming the number of stars near the sun as a result of being excluded from the strong rays   This celestial event was observed in the previous year (2015) which was initially understood the ...
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Some Factors that Affect Your Mind

We all want a healthy and active mind the ability of the brain causes us to be alive and thinking. But sometimes certain external forces are affecting the performance of our brain some of which include increased mental activity and some powers due to decrease in these activities. Everyday items and events are being replaced ...
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China Began to Build Exactly the TITANIC SHIP

China Began to Build Exactly the TITANIC SHIP
A theme park in China are leading the ship Titanic exactly is going to be the main tourist attraction. 882 fit long and 92 fit wide ship to replicate the work has been started in a rural area of China’s Sichuan province the ship will remain there permanently underwater. Total cost of this project approximately ...
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The Supermoon is Raised on Monday. It is Nearest to Earth. I...

The Supermoon is Raised on Monday. It is Nearest to Earth. It is Happening After 69 Years.
It won’t be this close again until 25 November 2034. The moon does not get much greater and brighter than this.On Monday, a purported earthlings supermoon-closest entire year will be dealt with to the moon. Supermoon Monday will be the nearest the moon will be additional super It comes to us in very nearly 69 ...
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Tomatoes generate electricity

DAKOTA: According to the Experts, from the rotten tomatoes environment friend electricity can be used. According to the American Experts, tomatoes are being lost in the process of transportation from fields and its electro-cell chemicals can be made environmentally friendly electricity. According to an expert who is working on this project, in the same year ...
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The Custom of Marriages between Dead Bodies in China

BEIJING: It is just unbelievable that the Corpses of girls and women are taken out from their graves and are married with the corpses of men. After marrying, these dead bodies are once again buried inside their graves. These unprecedented incidents have increased very much now. According to the superstition, people in China think that, ...
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