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A cat wears sunglasses and clothes 24 hours

NEW YORK: 2 years old ‘Beagle’s Cat’ photo is currently becoming very popular on the Internet and social media because it has no eyelids and even it has no eye glands to remove water. That’s why it wears sunglasses for 24 hours and several times a day, drops instills in its eye. Beagle has another ...
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Experience of growing meat in a laboratory

SAN FRANCISCO: The Company of San Francisco has done a 100% successful experience of growing animal meat and announced that lack of animals can be removed by it. According to the Company, meat is a desirable diet of people but want to be away from traditional meat products. In which germs and diseases include. But ...
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A worker eats a plate of soil daily

UTTAR PRADESH: Some people have very rare abilities and Habits. Thanks to which, they get the attention of the world. Such capabilities even surprise people. Among them, is also a worker from Uttar Pradesh, India. A worker eats a plate of soil daily. He also eats pieces of bricks. Resident of India, 45 years old ...
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Can you guess who is mother among them?

NEW YORK: Some people keep themselves thus fit that they look younger than their real age. The selfie of thus mother and daughters has put in difficulty to people on social media. You cannot imagine that a mother and hers 2 twin daughters look like of same age and shape. Even you cannot imagine that ...
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The mysterious disease, branches grow from hands and feet

DHAKA: The Bangladeshi boy “Abul Bajandra” is suffering from a strange skin disease. In which his hands have been like the roots of trees and now he has completely been unable to earn. Earlier to it, he was a Rickshaw driver in a small town known as “Khulna” after some time he gave up his ...
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Lost wedding ring found from child’s belly

NEW YORK: Sometimes some things are lost at the home unluckily and in spite of million tries, it does not find. Resultantly, find from such a place that is unimaginable. Such like incident occurred in America where a woman lost her wedding ring and after a lot of efforts, it could not find. But, suddenly ...
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An Indian unique person has 28 fingers

NEW DELHI: There is a unique person in India who has 28 fingers of hands and foot. Because of his unique specialty, his name has entered in the “Genius Book of World Record”. The man who belongs to the province of Gujarat, India named Devendar has 28 fingers in his hands and foot. It found ...
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The world’s fastest toy car

WASHINGTON: A fast-moving toy car has been developed in America. The toy car has made a record of 330 kilometers per hour. It has been the fastest toy car of the world. If toy car speed compares so it will be able to cover the distance of 1225 kilometers, from Karachi to Lahore just in ...
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Obese people will get cash reward in terms of reducing weigh...

CALIFORNIA: Lynwood, Municipality of California has launched a unique program. According to which, every year cash reward will be given to those, who will lose their weight in less time.This unique program has named ‘Cash for Chunkers’. The joining fee of program is $ 25 and if a pound weight increases during 12 weeks so ...
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Now bracelet will note your “Mood”

HERTFORDSHIRE: There are a lot of devices and apps are available on smart phones and different kinds of mobile technologies. An American Company has developed a bracelet that notes bio-signals as well as notes your feelings. It also makes your mood pleasant. The American Company has named this bracelet “Feel”. Four sensors are fixed on ...
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