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After on waves of water, now plan to develop “Surf Board...

CHICAGO: You have seen surfing on the waves of water, through a wooden board many times but now an inventor is going to turn his hobby into adventure. He has started working on a board that will be used for floating on clouds. This surfing board has named “Adventure Sport”. Through this invention, people will ...
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Robots, that will be fighting against humans in 2040

TORONTO: A science fiction author and expert have warned that just after 25 years conflict may be raised between robots and humans. According to the Canadian Artificial Intelligence Expert and Science Fiction Author “Mr. Logan Streondj”, in the years between 2040 and 2055 a war will begin between robots and humans when the number of ...
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Now enjoy the meal at a house and ‘eat the house’ as well

ARIZONA: There is a unique house in Arizona, the southwestern State of United States. This particular has been built through thousands of pounds of sugar and other ingredients. Its speciality is that you may live there, as well as, you can eat its doors and walls also. In the world famous story of Hansel and ...
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In USA a Marriage Insurance Company announces 10 thousand do...

SEATTLE: In USA a Marriage Insurance Company announces 10 thousand dollars on a wedding. The 40 to 50 percent of marriages in the United States are finished very soon and after looking this trend, an American Company has decided to start investments on divorces. A Private American Company will give 10 thousand dollars to newly ...
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Now Donkeys will have identity cards

CAIRO: Now Donkeys will have identity cards. To stop rising sales of donkey’s meat in Egypt and to tighten the noose, for those who involves in this ugly business, decision of making donkey’s identification cards has been taken. In the recent past, after surfaced news of selling donkey meat in various parts of Egypt, thrill ...
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Wedding in a hospital

KARACHI: Wedding in a hospital. All have heard and seen that patients are treated in hospitals, but in a Karachi hospital, two lovebirds were met, where bridegroom was admitted in order of treatment. According to “Express News”, resident of Nazamabad Karachi, Majid Aslam, Suddenly he felt pain in his heart on occasion of his Henna ...
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Armless Girl flies Plane

ARIZONA:Armless Girl flies Plane. In case you take work with courage and determination so physical defects and weakness can never stop you out of sight huge achievements and history is made and such like was happen by a lady of Arizona who was armless by her birth but she did not at all stand her ...
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A Student committed suicide because of Wi-Fi

LONDON: A Student committed suicide because of Wi-Fi. A teenager student of a British school committed suicide namely Jenny Fry because she has been teased by the allergy which she had by Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) this actually a rare allergic reaction caused by waves which comes out from Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity). In the ground of ...
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Robot will lead passengers at airport

STOCKHOLM: Robot will lead passengers at airport. A human friend robot was introduced at Europe’s Amsterdam Schiphol Airport on the basis of trail which was helping out the passengers by various different ways those who were immense worry. The “Spencer” namely robot moves around and helps passengers to move out of sight a gate to ...
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Bird look like eagle and owl

AMSTERDAM: Bird look like eagle and owl. There are thousands of species and forms of beasts and birds in this universe. Looking at the color of the human intellect is stunned properly but in Netherland eagle and owl like appearances strange bird has been completely surprised to the wildlife expert photographers and worried that what ...
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