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Facebook ‘Station F’ Names from the World’...

Facebook 'Station F' Names from the World's Biggest Startup has Launched Campus
Facebook has submitted a plan to the world’s biggest garage startup in France which is called “Station F” and it will open officially in April this year. We know that the world famous companies and start-ups began in garages and tradition have made it a memorable location 3 times while keeping intact Paris The management ...
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Egypt wins endorsement for $12bn credit from the IMF

Egypt wins endorsement for $12bn credit from the IMF
Universal Monetary Fund (IMF) to bail the nation out of its profound financial emergency three years for Egypt $ 12bn (€ 11bn) advance affirmed. Egypt with its monetary execution and solace topic changes. IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde will get a prompt $ 2.75bn, said the bailout would “address the longstanding difficulties”. Egyptian President Abdul ...
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The banknotes with old design will not be accepted from Dece...

KARACHI: SBP (State Bank of Pakistan) has reminded once again that from first December 2016, legal status of old designed banknotes will be finished. In this regards, the federal government had issued a Gazette notification on June 4, 2015. The legal status of the old designed Rs.5 and Rs.500 denominations banknotes has already been finished. ...
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The biggest wind power project in Pakistan

KARACHI: The Government of Punjab has started working on the biggest wind power project. The Punjab Government has issued a letter of expression of interest to the “Vestas Wind Systems” for the establishment of 4 power plants of 250 MW each. ‘Vesta Wind Systems, is a world-renowned company of Denmark. As proposed, this Power project ...
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IFC seek exemption from tax on Bank Transactions

ISLAMABAD: IFC seek exemption from tax on Bank Transactions. The World Bank group member IFC (International Finance Corporation), IFC (International Finance Corporation)’s towards Government imposed withholding tax on banking transactions and capital gains tax did the violation of the agreement and the out of sight these two taxes sought exemption. According to the documents that ...
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Economic development is not possible without Business Class

KARACHI: Economic development is not possible without Business Class. It is said by the Federal Minister of Planning, Development and Reform namely Ahsan Iqbal that without indulging the business class and their support economic development and ending of poverty is not at all possible. He was being addressed in an annual award ceremony last day ...
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Pakistan negotiations failed to IMF

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan negotiations failed to IMF. The negotiations of economic review between Pakistan and IMF (International Monetary Fund) of 50 billion dollars 10th installment that were held in Dubai. The Pakistan’s Minister of Finance namely Ishaq Dar will arrive at Pakistan with IMF (International Monetary Fund) review team in contract with Thursdayand the negotiations next ...
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In ATMs iris will become pin code

KARACHI: In ATMs iris will become pin code. Information Telecommunication Technology Revolution in the banking and payment system is knocking that would finish the concept of plastic money and transaction will be made in a blink. For the transactions out of sight ATM (Automated Teller Machine)’s eyes iris will be used as identity and pin ...
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PTCL privatization reached for settlement

ISLAMABAD: PTCL privatization reached for settlement. The Federal Government inalienable property, minus the amount of the dues arrears out of sight communication has decided in principle to accept the Hittites however the final Government approval will be followed by a meeting ever committed. It was told by Private Commission source that that the PTCL (Pakistan ...
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Taxes will affect on Pakistan Telecom Sector

KARACHI: Taxes will affect on Pakistan Telecom Sector. Moody’s service tax on the telecoms sector mobile phone companies operating in Pakistan to flush revenue loss and cause difficulties for low-income declared. It was said towards Moody in a report in regarding of enough taxes affects to Pakistan and Bangladesh Telecom Sector. That Punjab government imposed ...
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