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How to get rid of cancer through a plant

How to get rid of cancer through a plant It is just unbelievable fact that we can get rid of cancer through a plant. In China, a test was conducted to get rid of a certain type of blood cancer that is known as “Acute Myeloid Leukemia‎” through a herbal medicine of China, although, the test ...
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The secrets of health uncovered

CANADA: In today’s era different drugs are taken to keep your skin fresh but the daily exercise stands on top that keep you young and healthy even in the old age. According to the Scientists of the University of Guelph, those elderly people who have been athletes in their young age or have done exercises ...
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Is the Tea good for health or not?

Nobody can deny the importance of tea in Pakistan. This hot drink is also liked and consumed all over the planet. According to the various reports, it helps mental decline protection, certain types of cancer, stroke, heart disease and also reduces the risk of diabetes and so on. However, medical experts are not sure about ...
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Oranges are beneficial for eyesight

You have heard many times that the use of carrots is beneficial for the eyesight. But eating oranges can also be helpful in this regard. This claim came in front of us through the research that held in the United Kingdom. According to the research of King’s College London, the rich fruits and vegetables help ...
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Stairs climbing goods for the mental health

The stairs climbing up and down habit helps to keep the brain young for long time. It was revealed in the research held in Canada. The Experts of the Concord University discovered the clear connection between climbing stairs of several floors, educational sessions and mental age during the research. During the research, 331 healthy people ...
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Healthy breakfast is necessary to prevent obesity

If you want to take control on obesity so make few things part of your breakfast. It was revealed in a medical research that was done in Finland. According to the research of VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Fruit, milk products or body weight in cold breakfast couscous is helpful in maintaining a healthy ...
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The surprising benefits of garlic

Garlic is not just used in cooking. Rather, its use saves from many diseases. Commonly garlic is used in foods but In addition, garlic has many other benefits that play the vital role to make you healthier. About which very few people know while we are going to tell you those benefits of garlic. By ...
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Eat 3 bananas and get 90 thousand rupees

IOWA: The United States Experts on genetically modified (Genetic modified or GM) announced the plan to pay Rs 90 thousand (US $ 900) to per person who will eat 3 bananas. These bananas have been developed with the help of Australia’s Queensland University and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. These Bananas contain large amount of ...
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5 ways to stimulate the brain

LONDON: Modern research has helped us to a great extent in understanding the brain. Experts have discovered several ways to keep it strong and active that have proven widely effective. Whether you are 25 or 65 years old, these 5 ways not only provide amazing results, they also help in removing dementia and many other ...
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Why does the hair turn white?

Most of the people are facing this problem in all over the planet. People’s hairs turn white as the time passes. Many of them spend several hundred even thousands to hide white hairs. White hair is considered one of the clearest sign of old age but no-one is happy to see them. Now medical science ...
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