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An Experiment of Aspirin for Cancer

Recent research has shown that if ASPIRIN is also given to patients suffering from some types of cancer, the effectiveness of the drug against cancer increases. It also has the hope of treating cancer types that are very difficult to control. We know that there are several types of cancer that are described in many ...
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How Much Side Effects Of Broken Heart, Scientists Have Prove...

British experts have shown that failure of love or any other serious trauma hurts the same heart as a consequence of a heart attack. Note When your heart breaks, it feels like the end of the world. And you feel that the entire pain of the world absorbed in your heart, but do you know ...
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Our life is very beautiful if we have eyes, so how can promo...

Woman brown eye with extremely long eyelashes
We know that nowadays approximately everyone is using mobile phone, laptop, tablet and computer, because these are useful devices and but these effect on eyesight, apart from students and teachers get to study for their future in late night, this is also important means everyone is using their eyes for hard work, when we are ...
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What is headache and its effective types?

A headache is described as a pain caused by body head or upper neck. The pain is created by skull or tissues and structures around the brain because there is no nerve in the brain that gives rise to the feeling of pain (pain fibers). The thin layer of tissue periosteum, which includes bone, muscle ...
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Stroke is a deadly disease so you should follow this instruc...

Take responsibility for your health Cardiovascular disease is a major cause of death in America, approximately 34 percent of deaths, some suddenly and almost all of them premature. It’s just four decades down 40 percent, generally due to the treatment of common risk factors. If you have diabetes, your risk increases dramatically you should prevent ...
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Now eggs will treat to cancer

Hen’s eggs eat all. They are full of protein. They will now be used to prevent malnutrition and diseases such as hepatitis. The natural protein in the eggs does not play any role in preventing those diseases, it is the protein called interferon, which is used in cancer and hepatitis, in addition to the hardness ...
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Don’t drink the milk after eating the fish?

It is said that the milk should not drink after eating fish otherwise white stains on the face and the health worsens. How accurate is that? In fact, there are three possible possibilities of anything in the Middle East: cold, warm and moderate. The effectiveness of milk is cold while the effect of the fish ...
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Benefits of banana fibers

Benefits of banana fibers
Who is not aware of Banana’s importance and utility, but mostly dislike and throw the bananas fiber, but the importance of this fiber is not less than a banana. Often people throw the fiber in it as unnecessary when eating the banana, especially children do not like these fibers at all and express their appearance. ...
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Why Cockroach bad for HEALTH?

You can see Red brown bugs most of you face these horrible creatures every day – they quarrel on their sink, relaxing the pipe holes, passing through the trash and resting on the edge of your refrigerator. The fact is, the cockroaches come out in the light of the day when the place is too ...
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Is Melanotan II All Worth It ?

melanotan-2 for
  The drug was under development but then the product was never marketed. The Melanotan II is a clinically developed drug which is found to be sold in various online websites. The drug has lost its main purpose for which it was being prepared and are sold as tanning drugs all around. There are more ...
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