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American Scientists Succeeded in Making Synthetic Blood

Scientist and innovative and unique inventions in the field of medical research has several facilities for human life. US scientists recently succeeded in the artificial blood which will be helpful in providing oxygen to the cells of the lungs to protect human lives in case of emergency, the blood will be stored in the form ...
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Aspirin Helps Prevent Heart Disease and Cancer, US Experts

Aspirin Helps Prevent Heart Disease and Cancer, US Experts
American experts say Young and especially Elderly people the regular use of aspirin not only can save keep heart disease and cancer, but could increase their lifespan. If older people continue regular use of aspirin so it is better health, but also can save 692 US dollars yearly can be spent on their treatment when ...
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Electronic Cigarettes More Effective for Mouth Cells

Numerous electronic cigarettes are a protected contrasting option to cigarettes, however another study demonstrates this is not the situation. In lab probes refined cells, specialists from the University of California, Los Angeles, found that dangerous substances and nanoparticles in e-cigarette vapors brought about 85 percent of the tried cells to bite the dust. They said ...
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Joint Pain Sedate People Groups Regrow Hair, More Cases Show

TREATMENTS Two patients, who lose all their hair 10 years back because of a medical condition, recently some of their hair after an arthritis drug, regrew according to a new report cases. Patients, a man and a lady, experienced widespread alopecia, a condition in which the body since every one of these individuals lose hair ...
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How to get rid of cancer through a plant

How to get rid of cancer through a plant It is just unbelievable fact that we can get rid of cancer through a plant. In China, a test was conducted to get rid of a certain type of blood cancer that is known as “Acute Myeloid Leukemia‎” through a herbal medicine of China, although, the test ...
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The secrets of health uncovered

CANADA: In today’s era different drugs are taken to keep your skin fresh but the daily exercise stands on top that keep you young and healthy even in the old age. According to the Scientists of the University of Guelph, those elderly people who have been athletes in their young age or have done exercises ...
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Is the Tea good for health or not?

Nobody can deny the importance of tea in Pakistan. This hot drink is also liked and consumed all over the planet. According to the various reports, it helps mental decline protection, certain types of cancer, stroke, heart disease and also reduces the risk of diabetes and so on. However, medical experts are not sure about ...
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Oranges are beneficial for eyesight

You have heard many times that the use of carrots is beneficial for the eyesight. But eating oranges can also be helpful in this regard. This claim came in front of us through the research that held in the United Kingdom. According to the research of King’s College London, the rich fruits and vegetables help ...
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Stairs climbing goods for the mental health

The stairs climbing up and down habit helps to keep the brain young for long time. It was revealed in the research held in Canada. The Experts of the Concord University discovered the clear connection between climbing stairs of several floors, educational sessions and mental age during the research. During the research, 331 healthy people ...
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Healthy breakfast is necessary to prevent obesity

If you want to take control on obesity so make few things part of your breakfast. It was revealed in a medical research that was done in Finland. According to the research of VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Fruit, milk products or body weight in cold breakfast couscous is helpful in maintaining a healthy ...
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