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Eat 3 bananas and get 90 thousand rupees

IOWA: The United States Experts on genetically modified (Genetic modified or GM) announced the plan to pay Rs 90 thousand (US $ 900) to per person who will eat 3 bananas. These bananas have been developed with the help of Australia’s Queensland University and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. These Bananas contain large amount of ...
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5 ways to stimulate the brain

LONDON: Modern research has helped us to a great extent in understanding the brain. Experts have discovered several ways to keep it strong and active that have proven widely effective. Whether you are 25 or 65 years old, these 5 ways not only provide amazing results, they also help in removing dementia and many other ...
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Why does the hair turn white?

Most of the people are facing this problem in all over the planet. People’s hairs turn white as the time passes. Many of them spend several hundred even thousands to hide white hairs. White hair is considered one of the clearest sign of old age but no-one is happy to see them. Now medical science ...
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A glass of orange juice saves you from cancer and stroke

NEW YORK: According to the Experts, if you drink only two cups of orange juice daily, you can save yourself from many diseases. According to the Experts, oranges contain a special kind of ingredients that is known as ‘Hesperidins’. This magical mix improves blood flow throughout the body including the brain. Experts for this experiment, ...
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Cancer element is present in everything that made of rubber,...

LYON: People all around the world are using goods that made of rubber whether children’s pacifier or hand gloves. But the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned now that there are such chemicals present in goods of rubber which produce cancer. These goods include people silently in cancer. As per WHO fresh report, rubber has ...
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The easiest way to prevent obesity

Believe it or not, but according to Science, eating in the dark is the best way to reduce obesity rapidly. This secret uncovered in the Medical Research of Germany. According to the Research of Konstanz University, this simple method may be very useful because it does not give an opportunity to enjoy the food to ...
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How to get success and happiness?

CALIFORNIA: It is said traditionally that if you work hard and hold victories. So you can get success and happiness. But experts disagreed with it and created some new rules under the new standards. The Stanford University Experts revealed 6 important rules in their new book ‘Science of Happiness’. By following them you may be ...
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4 minor mistakes affect the skin during bath

Skin is the main part of human beauty and attraction. That’s why people use more and extra expensive creams and lotions for the protection of the skin. But they make few mistakes in their routine that ruin all the hard work. In them, 4 minor mistakes affect the skin during the bath, which damages the ...
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Beets juice controls blood pressure

NORTH CAROLINA: The American Experts predicted in the light of their new research that those, who drinks juice of beets daily, their blood pressure is in control. It also provides energy for exercise to them. The scientists and experts of the American Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center studied the effects of beet juice on heart ...
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Chew pencil and get rid of headache

MUMBAI: According to Doctors, there are so many causes of headache but some main causes are stress, fatigue and emotional volatility. You can get rid of such condition rapidly by chewing pencil between your both upper and lower teeth. According to a Prominent Female Doctor of the London, in the main causes of headache is ...
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