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Google 150 dollars software is now available free of cost

Here is a good news for the people who are fond of photography that Google now has started to offer a free photo editing software which cost was 150 dollars (15,700 Pakistani Rupees). This photo editing software has named ‘Nik Collection’ that offers various plugins and now it can be downloaded by the company’s website ...
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Do you know how many people are using the internet throughou...

NEW YORK: The number of Internet users worldwide has increased three -fold over the past decade and the number of Internet users has exceeded to 3 billion 20 million. The World Bank has been revealed by the World Development Report for 2016 even public does not have electricity and clean water in Nigeria and other ...
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Facebook messenger secret uncovers

If you are interested to waste your time on Facebook, so the hidden basketball game in it is waiting for you. Yes, my dears! Facebook introduced this update in messaging app on Thursday for ‘Android & IPhone’. In this game you have to throw the basketball in the hoop and if you fail to throw ...
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IPhone 7 Plus first photo leaks

Apple has revealed its first photo of the potential Flagship Smartphone ‘IPhone 7 Plus’ that is going to introduce in September this year. In which its biggest feature is also seen. This photo was leaked by a Chinese website ‘Bastille Post’ dual lens camera is looking on its back. This photo is confirmed rumors that ...
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Now you can call on landline by Skype

The Web version of Microsoft’s Skype app was introduced last year. Through which you can make audio and video call on the desktop computer and browser. However, now further updates have offered by it. Microsoft to improve the web version of Skype has announced a few new additions. Now, with the help of Skype for ...
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14 best keyboard shortcuts

The use of the computer is very common nowadays.In this era of technology and in a country like Pakistan, millions of the people use it for everyday tasks. However, in case your desktop computer mouse fails to works, the keyboard is very difficult to handle alone. If you know some keyboard shortcuts, you can very ...
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Samsung introduces its S7 Edge and S7 Smartphones

Last month, Samsung introduced its new flagship Smartphones S7 and S7 Edge. Anyone wishing to buy any of them, should know that what is so special about it if compared with IPhones and other Smartphones? The answer is clearly present in the T-Mobile video, in which Galaxy S7 is perfectly used in a swimming people. ...
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Speed up your old computer in few minutes

In this present era of Advance Technology, if you have a slow old computer and instead of throwing it, you want to make it better, as Google Chrome Book available in markets. So, it is possible in less than an hour. An American ‘Neverware’ Company has developed such software that converts your decade old Windows ...
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Free Wi-fi service in 6 World T20 stadiums

NEW DELHI: During the World T20 cricket matches fans will take benefits of free Wi-fi service in 6 stadiums of India. The T20 world cup will begin with qualifying rounds where a team from each group will go forward. The unlimited and fast free Wi-fi service will be provided at the Dharmashala (Himachal Pradesh Cricket ...
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Ways to speed up your Wi-Fi

Everyone knows the speed of your broadband internet in Pakistan. There is no need to tell you about it. Often people are worried rather suffer from mental frustration by internet speed. When it improves, it does not know and you will continuously face problems with the speed of the internet. However, here are some tips ...
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