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Technology News

Face Book Introduced its New Feature.

Social Networking Website Face Book decided to introduce a new feature to stop using Google for its users. They further said that very soon we are going to introduce add a link namely button through users can share material of other websites in contract with Face Book without visit them. Through new feature users will ...
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Lenovo mobile phone with projector.

China’s biggest electronic company introduces a likewise mobile when the laser projector in the virtual display and keyboard will be available option. With help of this interactive display on the phone display will be seen not at all only hence any surface while can use too. By the help of which the size of the ...
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Saudi Arabia for pilgrims decided to launch E-Bracelets of d...

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia decided to introduce E-Bracelets (Electronic Bracelet) for the visitors of Umrah and Pilgrims of Hajj. In which all record of all coming people will be present. Consequently to Khaliji Akhbar “Al-Arabia” in like manner bracelets have been introduced for all hajj pilgrims and Umrah visitors in which all information about pilgrim and ...
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3D Printer will also make Bones now.

In the present era everything is being made with the help of 3D printer even Medical Experts are preparing such kind of 3D printer that will forge in like manner bones in which blood veins will also be exist. According to German Media where medical experts are trying to develop organs of the body with ...
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There is a Secret Game hidden in Google Chrome.

Are you know? That a very interesting game is hidden in Google Chrome Browser, which can It is a never -ending game of race when it appears on the browser when your internet connection stopped due to any cause. In this cause this game appears with a message “Unable to connect to the internet” by ...
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Can Aero plane be control after hacked?

As a result of United State Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI) search warrant report. It was told by an Expert of Cyber Security that he can after sitting on plane hack it’s computer system and then control it’s engine. Consequent to documentation Chris Robert told that he can turn here and there and up down plane ...
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In the World more than 3 Arab People are surely using Intern...

In the India use of Internet is just 19 % as a result of International Organization 3 Arab people are surely using Internet. According to VR Social Organization’s inspection and inquiry the population of world has been more than 7 Arab, 20 Crore. A huge quantity of people are interested to get Internet accessing who ...
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3D printer prepared which is printed food and drink stuffs.

3D printer has been developed in Munich, a city of Germany that is capable of printing delicious meals. Similarly looks like a sewing machine plug and play 3D printer is called “Book Sinai”, It is new advancement in the field of technology in present era. it works alike pastry bag which cartages from its syringe ...
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Google new one more revolutionary button was introduced.

In coming few weeks you will not only able to search your products while you will also able to purchase them too, In like manner reports was come in front that Dominated the world ‘s biggest Internet search engine Google Search Results purchase (buy) is to add buttons. This button is available to users through ...
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Google introduced its’ new automated driving car.

Google has completely introduced a small automated driving car which will be seen in contract with the roads in few coming days. Short seats car was entirely designed for automated driving purpose and no one human can interrupt in it because the steering wheel or pedals, etc. do not exist. It was said by the ...
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