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All You Need To Know About the Tesla

  Tesla has been a little silent about their latest Tesla Model 3. However, Elon Musk, the CEO of the company recently revealed the new mid-size sedan and finally showed the world what it is all about. For a very long time, the electric enthusiasts and the whole world was in the dark about the ...
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Security Concerns regarding Mobile Apps

  Abstract As smartphones have replaced laptops pretty prominently on a greater scale, the security concerns regarding mobile apps are also increasing day by day. Content Much development has been made in the area of technology, and smartphones are the biggest proof of it. This small touchable device called smartphone is a multitasker that can ...
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One Plus 5 the Perfect Smart Phone of 2017

  Once again One Plus is out with a new smartphone in most of the parts of World and this is none other than one plus 5. It is a masterpiece and has the best components assembled in it. It has a perfect processor to give it an awesome speed which is definitely going to ...
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3 Things to Consider before Buying LED TV.

  Since there are many options available for buying new LED TV, it could be confusing when you don’t know much about buying new LED TV. Don’t worry in this article; we have concluded every detail, which you will need to buy a perfect LED TV. Moreover, which LED TV will fits your requirements and ...
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How to Disable Snapchat’s Snap Map?

  The newest feature of Snapchat – Snap Map – is a really cool adding to the application, it has not been well received by many because of the alarmingly serious security and privacy concerns it raises. If you followed the tutorial after the application update and did not think twice, we recommend that you ...
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Everything you should know about Galaxy S9

  A saga of top models smartphone, culminated now with the Samsung Galaxy S8 +, that with the edge in the scene they have been destroying to all the competition that has dared to put to its side. If at first, at least in the smartphone market, HTC was the first victim of these devices; ...
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How to choose the best Mobile App Technology for Development...

which mobile tech to use?
  The need of a mobile application for your own business comes especially when you are going to put your business on the online mobile platform or if you have some creative idea to enhance your business. It’s not always obvious which application platform is best for your business. As we all have noticed that ...
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  Different types of digital marketing channels influence the visitors at different points in the path to make a purchase. Here are 10 types of digital marketing channels and their applications in bringing about your online presence. 1) Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO is the process of enhancing a site or web page’s rankings in ...
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The complete guide to the advanced Seo

  When we come across the word SEO (search engine optimization), we mostly think about the title tag, heading, images, keywords and other basic level SEO. What we don’t think is about advanced SEO. The new blog blogger has only limited knowledge and resources, he would consider the basic level SEO as the ultimate SEO guide ...
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Now Mobile tracker invented

If you forgot keeping your mobile somewhere, do not be worried, because mobile tracker is now easy to find the mobile. Yes according to Foreign News Reuters, a magic tracker of the form of coins R. Bravo was created. Who will tell you about the missing mobile, if you forgotten mistakenly your mobile kept in ...
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