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Now Mobile tracker invented

If you forgot keeping your mobile somewhere, do not be worried, because mobile tracker is now easy to find the mobile. Yes according to Foreign News Reuters, a magic tracker of the form of coins R. Bravo was created. Who will tell you about the missing mobile, if you forgotten mistakenly your mobile kept in ...
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NASA discovered ten new planets like Earth.

The temperature of unplaced planet is probably where life can be found. The Kepler Space Telescope Mission ‘has discovered fifty new planets in space outside of the solar system. NASA has said that the kepler Space Scope Mission’ of the company has discovered ten new planets similar to Earth and almost potentially residual. NASA has ...
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The world’s first fly car now sells on eBay

We all have been dreaming of flying cars and now it is defined as Muller M 400 in the case of Sky Car. But the value of this dream is very expensive. There are four seats in the fly car and it is still in the preparation process, but a car is kept on eBay ...
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The world’s first Holographic Phone “Hydrogen One”...

Red-made cameras for digital cinemas have now introduced a holographic smartphone. This holographic smartphone has been named “Hydrogen one” and it’s introduced in the beginning of two versions. There will be an aluminum unit set at $ 1195 and the second set titanium version, which will cost up to $ 1595. This smartphone will also ...
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Samsung launched the inexpensive refurbished Galaxy Note 7 p...

Samsung has announced launching a refurbished model of the Galaxy Note 7, which will begin selling July 7. Refurbished Note 7 is named the Galaxy Note Fan Edition (FE), which is developed from the Galaxy Note 7 used sections and unused models. Remember that Samsung Note 7 batteries stopped selling after several take fire incidents. ...
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Without battery Mobile Phone Invented.

American scientists invented unbelievable mobile phones that get energy from air or radio waves. The bex cater technology is used in this Mobile, Bex cater technology use reflection of signals, only call and SMS can be done through this phone, The United States University of Washington research team has developed a mobile phone which does ...
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How to bring out treasure from space

NASA has announced plans to send a spacecraft to the satellites became platinum and gold asteroid in the summer of 2022. According to NASA satellite is made of gold and platinum including iron and zincs (nickel), was interesting is that this satellite is not far away but also circulating in the satellite belt between Mars ...
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Google has Developed a New Hidden Operating System

Google has Developed a New Hidden Operating System
Google’s new secret system “Fuchsia” the details are there common which suggests that in the future it android and Chrome Operating System will replace when it smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop alike feature on desktop computers install and can be used. Fuchsia came the first news of August 2016 about the operating system and it ...
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Now Google Earth came with new Innovation

Google announced more amazing features in his software which is through you can pass Kobe narrow gorge and you can visit Australia’s lake achen and The 360-level views has made the best. Google includes articles and photos about the land, which has been increased by Voyager when the Earth tab in the famous BBC documentary ...
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To keep the computer cool drops of water gushing jump

Computer or smartphone, they must be kept constantly cold, US experts have made a small vapor chamber cooling electronic chips is gushing water vapor from moving. Duke University scientists of China Chavan have said, “cooling computers to high-speed electrical devices through this system can be powerful, durable and electric vehicles.” So I will not be ...
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