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Top 5 Cars By Maruti Suzuki to Look Forward To

  Maruti Suzuki, the leading car giant of India has resulted in the evolution of the Indian car industry for the past two decades. With the enormous number of cars sold by the company, the number of models and variants introduced, the brand has become one of the most loved and recognized brands across the ...
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Interesting Rituals in Some Countries Event of the NEW YEAR

Interesting Rituals in Some Countries Event of the NEW YEAR
New Year Sun arises with new aspiration and feelings on the Earth and the majority of people do new plan for New Year but there are many countries around the world the practice is also related to some rituals and superstitions of the New Year the interesting thing is that they are in developed countries. ...
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New tax imposed on Umrah ticket

PESHAWAR: A new tax of Rs. 10,000 tax has been imposed on the Umrah Pilgrims, on which Pilgrims highly protested at Bacha Khan International Airport. Under the new tax, all airlines are charging 90 Riyals on the one-way ticket and 180 Riyals on the two-way ticket. According to the Airlines, the tax was imposed by ...
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Man cuts his wife’s nose and hairs in the name of honor ki...

MUZAFFARABAD: Police of Azad Jammu Kashmir is searching the person who cut his wife’s nose and hair in the name of honour killing. According to a Police Officer, the accused ‘Gul Farraz Alias Billa’ fled from the scene after cutting off his wife’s hairs and nose. This terrified incident occurred in the Potha Village, 35 ...
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Chinese man sold his daughter to buy IPhone

BEIJING: In China, 19 years old man sold his 18-day old baby in order to buy IPhone but luckily, he was jailed for three years. As per report of the Chinese newspaper ‘People’s Daily Online’, the man resident of Fujian Province, South Eastern China, ‘A Duan’ sold his daughter for buying a Motor Bike and ...
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5 million people may die from global warming by the year 205...

LONDON: Till 2050, more than 5 million people may die due to climate changes around the globe. People will directly suffer from lack of food and various diseases. As per report on Food’s future presented in a scientific Journal by the Experts of Oxford University, the report proves that anyone can be a victim as ...
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Senate rejects PIA Corporation changing bill

ISLAMABAD: The senate has rejected the conversion bill of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Corporation into Public Limited Company. According to the Dawn News, Federal Minister for Climate Change ‘Zahid Hamid’ introduced the PIA Corporation Conversion Bill 2015 in the Parliament. However, most of the Opposition and other Members voted against the bill. As per statement ...
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An American woman stopped at airport because of her sandals

BALTIMORE: Everyone has their favorite design of clothing and shoes. But some people are trying to wear the unique style of dress and shoes for looking strange. Such an effort put a woman in difficulty at the American airport. when she arrived at the airport, she was wearing pistol-shaped heels sandals so the authorities stopped ...
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Balloon kills a baby

PORTLAND: It is just unbelievable! how a balloon can kill anybody. Sometimes happy occasions suddenly turn into tragedy. Such an incident happened in the United States where a little girl was celebrating her 8th birthday. While trying to rip the balloon by her hands, unfortunately, became the hunt of it. The Resident of Portland, the ...
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In Salman Taseer murder case, Mumtaz Qadri has hanged to dea...

RAWALPINDI: Mumtaz Qadri has hanged to death, he shot dead the Former Governor of Punjab, Salman Taseer over his opposition to blasphemy laws. Mumtaz Qadri killed Former Governor of Punjab in 2011. Today, at 4:30 am, on Monday, February 29th, 2016, Qadri was hanged to death at heavily guarded Adaila Jail in the morning. On ...
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