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Saudi Arabia has been removed restrictions on women

According to the Arab media, Saudi government has announced to open closed cinemas over the last 37 years, in which the first cinema will be opened for the public in March 2018. The statement issued by the Saudi Minister of Culture has said that the opening of cinema houses in the country would improve the ...
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India’s drone attacks on China

An Indian drone has “attacked China’s airspace and destroyed” on its region, Chinese state media said. Zhang Shuili, deputy director of the western theatre combat bureau, said the occurrence took place in “recent days”. He did not give a correct location. He was cited by Xinhua news agency as saying that India had “contravene China’s ...
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Scientists have predicated on the Earthquake in 2018

According to a new but controversial study, more than average earthquakes will come to the next year, where the risk of earthquakes already exists. These can be predicted by the sea storm or flood, but it is almost impossible to predict earthquakes one of the most destructive disasters. Although scientists see the past of an ...
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A non-Muslim entered in the holy mosque (MASJID E NABVI)

A citizen of is Israel he captured his picture in the HOLY MOSQUE of CITY MADINA. This picture has become a source of anger over the social media of Arab world. Ben Tzion, 31, year-old Israeli born in Russia, he posted his visited photo of Iran, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Jordan on social media. In ...
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A New Guardian of Saudi Arabia is Mohammad Bin Salman

Saudi Shah Salman’s son is likely to accept the throne, and he can preserve the responsibilities of the Vice-President, Wali Muhammad bin Salman next week. The British media has claimed that the Saudi king will surrender the Saudi responsibility to Mohammad bin Salman next week. The 81-year-old Saudi decree will hold the duties of Servant ...
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Do you know what Vessel to use for your shipping? – Re...

A freight broker plays the role of middlemen between you and the carrier. There are many reasons why you should use a freight broker when shipping your goods. Many shippers are faced with numerous questions when it comes to deciding whether to use a freight broker. The truth is a ship broker can act as ...
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Top 5 Cars By Maruti Suzuki to Look Forward To

  Maruti Suzuki, the leading car giant of India has resulted in the evolution of the Indian car industry for the past two decades. With the enormous number of cars sold by the company, the number of models and variants introduced, the brand has become one of the most loved and recognized brands across the ...
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Interesting Rituals in Some Countries Event of the NEW YEAR

Interesting Rituals in Some Countries Event of the NEW YEAR
New Year Sun arises with new aspiration and feelings on the Earth and the majority of people do new plan for New Year but there are many countries around the world the practice is also related to some rituals and superstitions of the New Year the interesting thing is that they are in developed countries. ...
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New tax imposed on Umrah ticket

PESHAWAR: A new tax of Rs. 10,000 tax has been imposed on the Umrah Pilgrims, on which Pilgrims highly protested at Bacha Khan International Airport. Under the new tax, all airlines are charging 90 Riyals on the one-way ticket and 180 Riyals on the two-way ticket. According to the Airlines, the tax was imposed by ...
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Man cuts his wife’s nose and hairs in the name of honor ki...

MUZAFFARABAD: Police of Azad Jammu Kashmir is searching the person who cut his wife’s nose and hair in the name of honour killing. According to a Police Officer, the accused ‘Gul Farraz Alias Billa’ fled from the scene after cutting off his wife’s hairs and nose. This terrified incident occurred in the Potha Village, 35 ...
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