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Chartered Accountant slaughtered his 14 family members

THANE: A man in India committed suicide after slaughtering his 14 family members As per report of Indian Newspaper ‘The Hindu’, in the District ‘Thane’ Indian State of ‘Maharashtra’, a person killed his 14 family members then hung himself to death. The 35-years-old ‘Hansil Anwar Warekar’ was a Chartered Accountant. Hansil was working as a ...
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Hitler’s secret uncovers

LONDON: Adolf Hitler had made Germany the Super Power but he considered the symbol of hate, because of the brutal treatment from people. But now a medical report has uncovered the dark side of his life. The report predicts that Hitler had deprived male powers. However, he had not revealed his weakness in front of ...
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Indian woman saved 3 persons life after death

NEW DELHI: In India 45 years old woman lost her life due to a brain hemorrhage. She donated her body organs to 3 dying persons and gave a new life to them. According to Indian Media and All India Institute of Medical Science, the woman namely ‘Bibiyata’ brought to the Paras Hospital, Suburban Town of ...
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Daesh is preparing to attack on America, Director CIA

WASHINGTON: John O Brennan the Director of the US Intelligence Agency, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) warned that Daesh is preparing to attack on America. According to John O Brennan, last year attack in France was due to the intelligence failure. A man was a resident of the France from attackers and he trained in Syria. ...
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Police arrested a goat in India

RAIPUR: In India after Muslims, animals have also been started to be the victims of extremism. In a latest incident that has happened in Indian State of ‘Chhattisgarh’, police arrested a goat and its Muslim owner because goat ate grass at Judge’s home. According to the Media, this unique incident occurred in Indian State Chhattisgarh ...
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Dating and Porn sites often blackmail viewers

LONDON: The porn websites on the internet are the most visited websites all over the world. However as per research, half of the users of dating websites or dating apps face fraud or they were sent an e-mail (spam) by viruses. Dating and Porn sites often blackmail viewers. European security agency ‘semantic’ questioned more than ...
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Love Commandos protection group for love marriage couples

NEW DELHI: In India volunteers made a group for the protection of lovers who get marry without the consent of their families. This group helps and protects such couples. The group formed in New Delhi and has named ‘Love Commandos’. It depends on Lawyers and Volunteers. Who do not only protect them from their families’ ...
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A homeless man fired building completely to protect from col...

There is no lack of such selfish people in all over the planet, who can do anything for their interest even they can also do harm for others as well. Such like incident occurred in America where an American fired the building because he was just feeling cold. According to an American Website, in the ...
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In order to get her Facebook lover, an Indian woman killed h...

NEW DELHI: This is the most disappointing news of the day that a woman in India killed her husband and a 4 years old child. In India where Hindu Extremists are increasing day by day, people are being killed by their loved ones. It is becoming a common practice day in and day out. A ...
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Pakistanis most Google searches in 2015

Pakistanis most Google searches in 2015. At the end of the year Google announced its annual list and with worldwide, In Pakistan, has issued a list of people searched trend. It might be hard for you to believe, but what Pakistani people searched most that she is Reham Khan, who was ex-wife of Imran Khan, ...
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