Mother’s Day is on 2nd Sunday of May.This is one of the most important days in the year, and it is observed by over 40 countries all over the world. As a time to appreciate the value of the maternal bonds that have shaped our lives, grandmothers are definitely worth remembering in every way.

As with other holidays and occasions, it is not uncommon to go blank, when thinking of the perfect gift for granny. A few ideas below will help you make grandma smile once again:

1. A massage

Sometimes, the best gift to give someone is your presence. Spending the whole day with her, while gently massaging her old, cranky joints would infuse her with some youthful energy. A lot of old people have one form of pain or the other, and they would always welcome a massage with open arms. Ensure you always ask her how she feels at every point of the massage. You can accompany this with a gift card or a short note.

2. A bouquet of flowers

Going the old traditional way, has never been a bad option for anyone. Especially when comes to fresh flower delivery.  Grannies would not say no to a bunch of roses, tulips, carnations, and wax flower. Also, a good option is the Enchanted Cottage Bouquet. It has a graceful English appeal that is surely going to impress her. Uniquely designed heartstrings flower pot is equally worth trying out.

3. Chocolates

This depends on if your grandma has always had cravings for sugar and is not in any state of health where even a few bars of chocolates would be harmful. Apart from this, you can spoil nanawith some creamy caramels, fruits immersed in chocolates, even a few chocolate cupcakes. Did you know a few bars of chocolates is heart friendly? And coming from a heart that appreciates all the years of wisdom and strength impacted in one’s life makes it all the more special.

4. A surprise!

Why not host a mini party and invite a few relatives and friends for gran. Then, everyone comes with his or her own little gift. It should be a planned one, so that you know where she is going to be that day, or what she will be doing. The synergistic effect of this is certainly going to overwhelm her with joy. A few speeches of appreciation would cap off a great day.

5. A piece of Jewellery

We have seen pieces of jewellery given out to special people in movies. This has a lasting effect because as far as she wears it, you will always be in her mind. It could be more valuable than ephemeral gifts. It may not be the most expensive of diamonds, but in your own little way, you could give her a piece that shows her how much she means to you, one that says you are always on my mind.

6. A dinner out

Many grannies still love cooking, but you could convince her to take a day off the kitchen and enjoy the finer things of life. A fine dinner or buffet would do. The concept of eating together always strengthens the bond in a family. Also, the knowledge of the fact that gran is likely to tell you to eat more is just heavenly. Do not forget to take pictures as a way for consolidating the memory.

7. Spend the day with her

You may just decide to enjoy the day together indoors, play around, and just have fun. A couple of indoor games and movies. You could even go the extra mile of getting some customized shirts with some cool stuff written on them. For example, “We love grandma!” “Grandkids are spoiled here at Nana’s”, “Best grandma ever”.

8. A wine gift set

This gives grandma the chance to try out and discover different wines. The popular Swishing Vino has been a fan favourite. The nourishment she would get from this is sure to leave a great taste in her mouth. Rudolph’s Red Pinot Noir, Grenache Syrah 2009, Cabernet Sauvignon 2009, etc. are other great options.

9. A pet

If granny stays alone or loves pets, getting her a very cute little cat should melt her heart. It would keep her company and help prevent the type of boredom that is associated with old age.  Do not forget to get some stuff to make taking care of the pet easier for her. You do not want it to become more of a burden.

10. Call her

If for one reason or the other, you cannot be with her in person, call her. All grandmas love to always hear from their grandkids. Spend time on the phone with her, tell her nice things and end by saying “I love you”. If you can mail a little gift to her in addition to this, you would get more points.

At the end of the day, it is these little things that make life worth it. Grandmothers deserve every single thing done for them. Mother’s day should be celebrated in this light. You could combine these ideas and come up with your own unique permutations. After gaining from the ideas above, you should be able to have something to work with.

Happy Mother’s Day to all our grannies out there! We love you and we celebrate you. Thank you for everything.