10 Resources to upgrade your grammar and writing skills



Meta Description: Grammar and writing skills are considered significant in any language. Everybody wants to improve their grammar skills in order to communicate with some level of mastery.

Content: Grammar is a fundamental part of writing as it helps to transfer the message or idea one wishes to convey. Even experts feel the need to polish their writing skills and improve their grammar from time to time. Construction of grammatically sound sentences is important for writing and speaking in an efficient way. For gaining and polishing these skills, many people have created online mediums so that one can benefit from these and gain some expertise in writing. Taking help from these sites, one can become a good writer, will be able to impress others by correctly structured sentences, and will definitely achieve success in essays, dissertation writing etc.

Resources that improve your grammar and writing: Following are some of the resources that can help anyone improve their grammar and writing talent.

1) Grammar Monster: This freely available website offers great lessons that help one improve and check their knowledge of grammar. These lessons and exercises are broken down into easy-to-use chunks that become simpler for the users to digest. This is a wonderful platform where skilled individuals can check whether they are right on track and remind themselves of the concepts they might have slipped or misunderstood.


2) Guide to Grammar and Writing: The content and material it offers is great and helpful. It provides a comprehensive approach to English grammar and guarantees accurate and useful information regarding writing skills. This website is a bit difficult in using as far as navigation is concerned. It is restricted to experienced learners only. Using it is like reading a book on grammar which may irritate some users. However, if anyone spends few hours dedicated to this online resource then he or she can gain a lot from here than from anywhere else.


3) Grammar book: This site makes one learn grammar in an exciting way with free grammar rules, fun quizzes and a lot of tips and tricks.


4) The Writing Center for Writing Studies: It is the most advanced online resource available for young or rather inexperienced writers. It provides a detailed knowledge on grammar and writing skills. It is a perfect place where individuals can study specific English styles and functions. It also provides a chance for research on English concepts, speech and writing guides.


5) Dr. Grammar: Dr. Grammar assist its users in grammar, punctuation, word usage and much more. It was designed by the University of Northern Iowa’s Department of Languages and Literature. With many helpful advices and tips, one can improve its skills in grammar and writing with the assistance of this site.

6) Using English: This website assist its non-native users in an efficient manner. It’s one of the important features is the reference section which is important for those who are newly introduced to the language. It provides information regarding English idioms, phrasal verbs, grammar glossary and irregular verbs.

7) Study Guides and Strategies: This website offers its assistance just to the experienced learners, not for the fresh writers. Individuals having plenty of knowledge of English language can improve their grammar and polish their talent of writing here. In addition to the raw information it conveys, it offers some amazing concepts to the learners to gain experience and knowledge from. It gives the opportunity to its users to become good learners and good writers simultaneously.

8) English Practice: As the name suggests, this website provides everyone a chance to practice their writing as much as they want. All kinds of English exercises are accessible for everyone to learn, practice and improve their skills. It does not provide the Basic English lessons, but it is a place where anyone can test themselves and see whether they are fully prepared for exams. In this way, one can observe their weak points and improve them.


9) A Research Guide: This website is fit for those who have the knowledge of writing essays and wish to gain extra points on the same. It provides an explanation of the different parts found in an essay and how one can write them in an appropriate way. With the help of A Research Guide, one can be sure of the accuracy of the content he or she writes. Literature guides are also there to help.

10) Get Revising: This website places no restriction upon any age; it offers assistance to both the young and older learners. It provides a lot of information and advice to the young and inexperienced group of learners who don’t have much English skill. It presents new studying ways which help all in improving their writing skills.

Practice makes a man perfect. So anyone can become a good writer by practicing their writing with the help of these informative sites in no time at all.

Author’s Bio: The author of this post is Ronald Thomas. He is a graduate in English Literature and is working as a lecturer.He writes occasionally for education journals.