2 Chinese people eager to buy the IPhone that they are ready to sell their kidneys.


BEIJING: Man to fulfill his desire can go any length and such like it did by 2 Chinese people who tried to sell their kidneys to buy IPhone S6 that’s why it is called that it does not incur of any interest.

According to Media Reports the resident of Beijing Wu wanted to buy IPhone S6 but he does not have money to buy it.

So at that time his friend gave him suggestion namely Hoang that sell ours, single, single kidney and buy IPhone S6 on which both were communicated with an illegal agent that he buy their kidneys.

The interest to buy IPhone’s this version was not at all decline. Wu stopped thinking about this plan but his friend Hoang has decided that he will surely sell his kidney and purchase IPhone S6.

But his friend Wu notified police in regarding intentions of Hoang. On which police tried a lot to catch Hoang but he disappeared anywhere.

It was said by Wu that he is worry about his friend where he has been gone? And he really does not sell his kidney because he has determined to fulfill his wish.