2,177 people have died in Mina


DUBAI: 2,177 people have died in Mina. According to the data of American News Agency (AP) the people who have been lost there precious lives in the tragedy of Mina have been reached 2,177.

Those died in the tragedy of this figure 180 of them from 30 countries, state media reports and official statements have been compiled on the basis.

Those who were went to Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj this year. According to the data those were died in the incident of Mina huge quantity out of sight them were belonged to Iran its 465 people were died, Mali 254, Nigeria 199 , Cameroon 76, Niger 72, Senegal 61, Ivory Coast and Benin 52, 52 pilgrims were died in the tragedy.

While in the other countries people died they were belonged to different countries: 182 of Egypt, 137 of Bangladesh, 126 of Indonesia, 160 of India, 102 of Pakistan, 47 of Ethiopia, 43 of Chad, 36 of Morocco, 33 of Algeria, 30 of Sudan, 22 of Burkina Faso, 20 of Tanzania, 10 of Somalia, 8 of Kenya, 7 of Ghana, 7 of Turkey, 6 of Myanmar, 6 of Libya, 4 of China, 2 of Afghanistan, 1 of Jordan and 1 of Malaysia, pilgrim was included.

The tragedy of Mina had occurred triggered stampede during stoning on 24th of September. In which hundreds of people were died of different countries as well were missing which were being found hereinafter a month of tragedy.

Saudi authorities two days after the accident on September 26 killing 769 people and injuring 934 was confirmed however officials were not confirmed anything regarding of died people and injuries.

According to Saudi Press Agency Sunday night, hence the prior Saudi crown prince and Interior Minister Mohammad bin Abdul Aziz chaired the meeting on regarding of tragedy however the new data of comprehending victims were not confirmed in it.

Shah Sulman Bin Abdul Aziz ordered to do investigation of this worst incident of history. Before Mina accident, Crane Accident in Makkah earlier this year, which was also killed 111 pilgrims.