25 members of congress suspended due to strife in India, Lok Sabha.


NEW DELHI: The speaker of Lok Sabha suspended 25 members of congress due to protest and violence in the national assembly for 5 days.

According to Indian Media members of Congress uproared in the Lok Sabha because Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj helped the Minister of the IPL chief Lalit Modi when they were also taken play cards in which demand of Sushma Swaraj resignation.

It was said by Indian Media that Sumitra Mahajan speaker of Lok Sabha suspended 25 members of congress for 5 days because they were being done violence and strife in assembly.

It was said by the President of Congress Soniya Gandhi and also criticized on the decision of speaker that today is black day for democracy.

It was further said by her that the Gujarat government wants to implement such a model is in the Lok Sabha. It is cleared that the alleges were proved on IPL former chief Lalit Modi and warrants were issued by the court against him and as well as he was banned to go abroad however on the recommendation of Indian Foreign Secretary passport was issued to Lalit Modi.