3 Small gift ideas for a windsurfer


Do you know a special someone that’s an avid surfer or just, in general, is very active? A holiday gift for such a person should definitely be something extraordinary and considerate. In this article, I’ll present a few small gift ideas for surfer gifts.

A Windsurfer bracelet

Some people call a surfer’s bracelet, other a maritime or nautical one. But at the end of the day, the specific definition doesn’t matter as they all refer to the same thing – a stylish and sturdy bracelet that’s not only designed to look awesome but to withstand the various challenges that revolve around an active lifestyle.

What’s also great is that it’s universal in style – meaning you can fit it in with any style: be it casual, business or sports one, so matter what taste the person has it would still look awesome on them. A number of bracelets, like WindPassion surf bracelets, are unisex as well, which means they fit both men and women trying to stand out from the crowd.

These accessories are constructed from strong and sturdy materials like sailing rope, as a result, they become resistant to wear and tear over time. Its great design makes them suitable for both indoor or outdoor wear. 

So, if you’re looking for something small and inexpensive gift, then a windsurfer black rope bracelet is one of the best ideas for you.

A Windsurfer backpack

How about a waterproof backpack? For those whose hobby is to surf on a regular basis – a stylish, affordable and 100% waterproof backpack could be the perfect thing to purchase. Not only is it stylish, but the materials from which it’s made are also super sturdy and tough, usually made from PVC polyester – the same materials that tents are made.

Another thing to consider is its spaciousness – most backpacks have at least a 28-liter capacity and more depending on individual models.  That’s not mentioning the various pockets, great and tight handles, shoulder pads and straps. 

While primarily designed for windsurfers, it can also be a neat gift for those involved in hiking and biking in the rain. The waterproof protection proves extremely useful in this case. 

A neat surf cam

Yet another awesome gift for an active windsurfer, in my opinion, would be a small action camera to capture all the awesome windsurfing action! Or, just to take the ultimate selfie… Either way, a small camera would be more than enough to get everything on tape.

A GoPro is one thing, but there are far cheaper models out there that work incredibly well in seawater and other outdoor environments. Hell, even sailors can use a surf cam on the boat, especially in cases where you have to keep the weight at a minimum.

All in all

I’ve discussed a couple of useful gift ideas that are small, yet could transform the surfing experience completely. All you have to do is to visit some of the gift shops like https://www.windpassion.net and decide on which of these would fit the person best and go with it.