3 Things to Consider before Buying LED TV.



Since there are many options available for buying new LED TV, it could be confusing when you don’t know much about buying new LED TV. Don’t worry in this article; we have concluded every detail, which you will need to buy a perfect LED TV. Moreover, which LED TV will fits your requirements and desirability?

These are the major points that you need to consider before buying new LED TV for your home or office.

Which Size of LED TV should you buy?

Can’t decide, which size of LED TV would be perfect for your home? Well, the size of LED TV depends on your room size. If you are planning to buy it for your bedroom then you should consider its size at least of 32 inches, at least 40 inches for living room or hall and so on – bigger is better.

Picture Quality of your desired LED TV

Before buying any LED TV, you should also check its Picture Quality. It describes whether it’s worth to spend money on it, or simply not. There are many factors involves in checking picture quality of the LED TV.

· Contrast Ratio:

It is the level of brightness, which you can check on dark and bright scenes. It tells you how dark objects are appearing on the TV screen.

· Peak Brightness:

Peak Brightness evaluates, how much a LED TV screen can get brighter. If you are planning to buy HDR LED TV, then it is important to check its peak brightness. Because, its higher peak brightness level will display more rich content on your LED TV.

· Viewing Angle:

Viewing angle is the color accuracy, which you experience while watching TV from other sides. Choosing LED TV with better viewing angles will let you watch TV from other sides with greater picture quality.

· Reflection Test:

This test will evaluate, how much TV screen will reflect lights in bright lighting rooms. More reflection will cause you discomfort while watching TV.

Extra Features you might want in your LED TV

Now LED TVs are also coming along great features like smart TV or 3D TV. It depends on you whether you want these add-ons features or not.

Smart LED TV

With Smart LED TV you can connect your media devices to your LED TV wirelessly, and you can do internet surfing as well on it. You can also install your favorite apps on it from Play Store and watch media streaming channels like Netflix directly on your Smart TV.


3D LED TVs display’s 3D content on your TV with the help of 3D glasses. The Hype of 3D was created with the releasing of movie Avatar, which was the 1st movie made with 3D technology. But, in 2017 3D TVs are not popular anymore even LED TV manufacturer has stopped producing new 3D TVs. So, it is not worth to buy 3D LED TV.


Connectivity also plays an important role in deciding perfect LED TV for you. It allows you to connect external multimedia devices like USB Flash Drives, DVD players, Media Streaming Devices, Gaming Consoles and much more.  A few years back, there were only limited options for connectivity like you only had one USB and HDMI port for connecting media devices.

But, in today’s era, you will need following ports for connecting multiple devices at the same time.

  • 3 HDMI Ports
  • 3 USB Ports

After considering above points, you will be able to choose perfect LED TV for your home. You can buy your new LED TV online from Yayvo.com at a very adorable price, which no one else can offer!