4 easy ways to keep yourself young in old age.


Human always strives that he/she keep him/herself always fit and also seen young in old age but now in this busy world people are been hunted of old age in the young age however out of a little strive this scene can be change and in also old age like youth life cab be lived.

Experts from different walks of life gave four common but extremely valuable tips by following which human life can be very pleasant and beautiful.


Use of Sun Screen: Due to global warming world’s temperature is being enhanced constantly and working in sunlight destroy the cells of skin that’s why always use screen before you go out for work by which the face is protected from the harmful effects of the sun human seems young. It was said by Doctor that use such like creams which was approved by UVA or UVB because out of sight these creams your skin is not just been young while it is also saves your face from the affection of sunshine.

Eat foods of the Mediterranean: Vegetables, Olive oil, Fishes and other fruits are being slowed the process of declining aging and not only save body from obesity while it makes your face attractive and charming array. These foods reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and having the virtues of saving from cancer disease.

Exercise to keep the mind active and sharp: Cross words, puzzles, reading habits and friends compared with the mental and faster and refresh your mind and mental muscles get the opportunity to work full however if you do body exercises together with it so it is immense beneficial for you and body fitness will also gotten by it.

Reduce stress: Concerning Deep breathing and yoga exercises to reduce routine activities such efforts can help reduce stress and reducing stress is made slow the process of aging. That’s why it is said that happy faces are always green. Those who suffer from more stress their faces grew dark, are showing signs of age.