4 films were offered from Bollywood, Neelam Muneer.


LAHORE: It was said by famous model and actress Neelam Muneer that she offered 4 bollywood films in which a film script has been received by her that is being examine by her.

It was said by Neelam Muneer especially when she was talking to Express that acting is not at all her impose while it is her interest that’s why which project is liked by me i always do that before a question was raised to her of marriage but now all ask about her working in films she had offered a lot of movies to work but out of sight them not a single script was in like manner that after reading she could be agreed.

She was also contracted by bollywood too out of sight them a producer also sent her a script of film that is she reading. It was further said by her that bollywood is no doubt a big film industry where everyone want to raise their name.

She has good wishes for them but where is her regard so the most important story and important character has a lot off valuable for her. It was said by her that she is not at all hunt of star fabio.

So whoever against her it does not matter to her. In Pakistan political parties are also making films out of sight them one was also contracted with her for its film.