4 Georgian Politicians Got Divorced in 2018



Every person is not protected from getting the divorce. Even when you can control the whole country and solve the troubles of the high level, it still is not the reason to have a happy family for all your life. Let’s consider four different divorce cases based on the information that was provided by online divorce service operating in Georgia. Now there are much more interesting facts about the politicians in Georgia and their current divorce cases which have built a fire under the Georgian State of America recently. Let’s begin to observe their cases right now!

  1. Preston Smith. The representative of the Republican party has divorced his wife in March this year. Three years were too long for this family to save their relations and not to get divorced. Mr.Smith has always been a man of thousand thoughts, and when he met Olivia, he seemed to become calm and pretty patient person. However, Smith has also been known as a drinker, therefore even his beloved wife could not protect him from drinking too much. The alcohol is harmful to the marriage, according to the current statistics, there are lots of the dissolutions of marriage happen due to the alcohol addiction of one of the spouses. Nowadays, Preston Smith is in the divorce process and looking for a good attorney to protect his property, anyway, we do hope that Olivia will find another man with a bigger sense of responsibility than Smith obtains right at the moment.
  2. Jason Spenser. There is one more politician who could not save his family and protect himself from being awfully divorced. Mr. Spenser is considered to be one of the most powerful representatives of his party, and he was able to give a great number of different laws helping all the Georgian residents. However, he has just been divorced, and his wife Jessica does not comment such a terrible situation. We know just a fact that the couple has had lots of arguments recently and were able to terminate their marriage even earlier. Moreover, Jessica was trying to save the marriage and prolong the term of it as she could. Nowadays, ex-spouses are solving the question about child custody because they have two daughters and one son who are currently the main heroes of such a difficult case.
  3. Stacy Abrams. The only one woman in our list was divorced a week ago. The Court gave her the Final Judgments without any hesitations because she was fighting for her children, not one month and even not one year. Her career is rather successful but the family of hers has always had some troubles and misunderstandings. Let us hope that her next attempt to create a new and firm family will be much more successful than her previous times.
  4. Brian Kemp. The last but not the least man in our list had a divorce two years ago. As the media claims, everything happened due to his constant adulteries. His wife Kelly could divorce already two times, although she tried to save her family in spite of all the troubles. In the past, Brian had affairs with well-known actresses, models, etc. Despite his huge intellect and readiness to protect the interests of Georgia, his rate has significantly fallen since his divorce case. Nowadays, he is trying to get it again and persuade the society that he will never do like that again.

Well, guys, to tell you the truth, everything is rather clear, and rather evident that even rather influential people can be divorced due to the various reasons, so if you are still hesitating, whether to file for divorce or not, now you know the answer!