4 Major Trends to Expect In Promotional Products Industry In 2020


All businesses benefit from using promotional products by helping them advertise their brand and reach out to more potential customers. Based on a previous survey, 85 % of customers choose to do business with a brand after getting a promotional item. The study also found out that 89 % of consumers could still remember the name of the brand despite receiving a promo item two years ago.

Experts from Fast Promotional Products believe that companies will gain more benefits from ordering custom-made merchandise to increase a wider reach. Since most businesses use this marketing strategy for advertising, you can follow the latest trends for promotional products emerging in 2020.

Sustainable Items

The rise of eco-friendly products started several years back, but it continues to make waves in the promotional products industry in 2020. Almost all marketing material suppliers offer eco-friendly and sustainable promotional items.

According to the people behind Fast Promotional Products, businesses choose to invest in sustainable marketing products because they want to reduce their carbon footprints and leave a favorable impression on the environment. They also want to avoid adding more unnecessary plastic rubbish that could affect their country’s beautiful landscape.

Some of the latest examples of green promotional products include recycled paper materials, eco-friendly pens and pencils, and reusable cups and straws. You can also use aneco-friendly pencil made using recycled organic waste as one of your company’s promotional materials.

Chunkier T-Shirts

Compared to the slim-fitting shirts that made waves during the 2010s, the heavier, bulky-looking T-shirts that used to dominate the fashion world during the 1990s will emerge in the new decade.

The unisex shirts known for its tubular cut with larger silhouette will soon join the list of items used to promote a brand. Because of its style, marketing companies will find it easier to print out their client’s logos in front or back portions of the t-shirt.

Smartphone Grips

Since 3.2 billion people in the world own a smartphone as of 2019, one of the most useful promotional products that your company can hand out to your clients is a smartphone grip. It allows users to hold their phones properly to prevent it from dropping. There are multiple shapes and sizes that you can choose from. You can have your brand printed on each smartphone grip, so people will remember your business each time they use their smartphones.

Aside from the grips, you may also ask your Fast Promotional Products supplier to make you a smartphone case with your company name or colours for marketing purposes.

Retro Items

Lots of people are still fascinated with vintage items. To use this trend to your advantage, you can have a promotional item made using retro products. You can ask your reliable promotional product supplier to make you a lunchbox made of tin then have your logo printed out in front. Other retro-looking promotional items include a pinwheel pen, promotional yo-yo toys, slap bracelets, and whoopie cushions.

These are some of the latest promotional product trends that you can expect to see from marketing material suppliers in the market this year. You can expect to see your brand reputation to reach your marketing goal with the help of these products. If you invest in these promotional materials, you will soon reap the rewards of letting the world know about your brand once your target market managed to remember what your company has to offer.