4 Signs Your Marriage Needs Counseling


Most people consider marriage counseling or couples therapy as a lost cause. But the reality is it not only saves many marriages from failure, but it also equips couples the skills they require to deal with conflict in the future. Still, this doesn’t make the decision to seek counseling any easier, and it definitely doesn’t make it any easier to recognize warning signs that your relationship is failing.

There is still a lot of stigma around marriage counseling and this makes it even harder for couples to seek it, even when the signs are clear. Beneath are 4 indications that you might need couples counseling.


  1. You disagree with your partner often

If there is a point that seems to recur with every conversation, argument, or debate, it is important to seek counseling fast. If you revert to that same initial hurt or wound despite what the topic is, you are prone to falling into a negative pattern that is difficult to break. Therapists, who specialize in Marriage Counseling in Boulder, work with partners in couple’s therapy to teach them different ways to address conflict so they can achieve better results. Most couples have issues because they are unable to break the negative cycle.


While quarreling over the same thing is a clear sign of trouble; being unable to settle on anything is another. If you constantly fight but not over a specific issue, that is you are finding more reasons to argue, then couples therapy can help identify why they are always fighting and if they still want to be in the relationship.


On the other hand, if you never argue about anything, but you feel there are underlying problems, it might be a cause for concern too. When the quarreling stops, it may be more problematic, as this may signal a lack of concern and intimacy. When people become indifferent in a relationship, there are reasons for it, and if their relationship is to survive and flourish, these issues need to be addressed.


2. You have trouble communicating

An obvious sign that marriage counseling can make a difference is if you feel like your spouse is hearing you but not listening to what you have to say. Many arguments arise from how we talk with our partners or how we don’t talk with them. A vast majority of issues experienced by couples who sought Marriage counseling in Boulder boiled down to a very obvious issue that was complicated by bad communication and then emotionally overshadowed.


3. You are not having sex

Sex holds the relationship together during hard times, and it is fairly essential in any relationship. While all couples have occasional dry spells, a persistent lack of intimacy can be a sign that something is very wrong.


4. You would rather seek support from someone else

You find yourself going to someone else other than your partner for your emotional needs like support, to relax or wind down, or to have a good time. A spouse that feels isolated and relies on others for emotional support can be a sign of the need for counseling. Your partner should be the first one you want to talk to when something is weighing on your mind. So if you are constantly searching for others when you need to relax or talk to someone, you should probably examine why that is in therapy.


Counseling is not only for couples who struggle but also for couples that want to strengthen and keep their marriages. So despite where you are on the spectrum of a flourishing marriage, marriage counseling is vital to keep your relationship strong and your marriage will thank you for it.