5 Best Golf Players of All Time

Golf Player

There had been hundreds of incredible golf player who made history in this sports field. Out of those, there are the top 5 evergreen players we are listing out from the golfing world who had a great impact and moulding to the game and are an inspiration to folks playing golf at Vale da Pinta Golf Course. 

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods was born under the name of Eldrick Woods on December 30, 1975, in California. From the beginning, Tiger’s parents, Kultilda and Earl Woods, initiated their child into the sport. 

At age 8, Tiger won his first of six Optimist International junior world titles. Later on, perhaps the most appreciative amateur career of all time – he won Junior American Amateur Championships in 91,92 and also in 93. Tiger Woods ranks 2nd in the men’s major championship and also holds numerous golf records. 

He had won the Masters Championships in 1997, 2001, 2002, 2005, and 2019. His remarkable quality makes him the greatest golfers and one of the majorly famous sportsmen of all. 

Jack Nicklaus

He won the Masters and PGA championships in 1975 and scored his sixth season with at least two major victories in 1980 by capturing the PGA and US titles. Nicklaus has expanded to other commercial endeavours, while still competing as an active player, particularly interested in golf course creation and design. 

His company, Nicklaus Design, has developed hundreds of courses in over 35 countries. Nicklaus soon emerged as one of the dominant players to the most on the PGA Tour. Nicknamed “Golden Bear,” he had the power to tear thunderous discs off the tee, but also demonstrated an impressive-feeling on the green and seemingly impassable nerves.

Sam Snead

If winning can be the norm for determining excellence, no bigger player in golf than Sam Snead has ever existed in history. Sam was awarded a record 94 gold medallion.  

With a smooth, viscous swing that looked as natural & effortless like breathing, Slammin Sammy won most golf tournaments as compared to many other players – a stunning total of 82 PGA Tour titles and anywhere from 135 to 165 wins worldwide, which depends on whom you’re asking about it. 

He achieved victories in 4 different decades, from West Virginia Closed Pro 1936 to the Greater Greensboro Open 1965, at the age of 52.

Phil Mickelson

Mickelson sustained for more than 25 consecutive years in the top 50 of the official world golf ranking. 

He had devoted more than 700 weeks while being in top 10 and repeatedly reached the second rank in the world rankings, making it his best ranking. He is known for left-handed momentum, even though he was right-handed.

Billy Casper

Casper was inspired to see Ben Hogan in an exhibition and marvelled at his principles of course management. He practised late in the evening after he used to finish his caddies work, and he became so well versed with an iron of seven that he was able to hit a pole almost 10 times one shot after another from a distance of 40 yards. 

The family moved to New Mexico, where his father entrusted four-years Billy with a golf club and created a three-hole “field” in a meadow. His parents got divorced when Billy was 12, and he returned to Chula Vista, south of San Diego. 

Billy Casper has won 51 tournaments, including the American Open in 1959 and 1966, and also the Masters in 1970. 

From history, these are one of the best of time. Everyone has their own opinions. This article constitutes the top 5 best players who made the golf history redesign and made fame out of it.