5 Healthy Foods that are Best Avoided



More and more people these days take a strong interest in their health and wellbeing. We are all more conscious about things such as the importance of staying fit and eating a healthy diet. However, while you may believe that you are eating a healthy diet this is not always the case. There are many foods that we all tend to think are very healthy and as such we try to incorporate them into our diets. The truth is that some of the so-called ‘healthy’ foods that we tend to eat are actually best avoided for various reasons.

We tend to see certain words on packaging that makes us believe that what we are eating is healthy. This includes words such as ‘low fat’, ‘sugar free’ and ‘natural’. However, when you delve a little deeper you may find that some of these so-called healthy foods are actually not good for you at all and should be cut from your diet. Reports on cnn news live streaming have shown how people are becoming more interested in eating a healthy diet. However, some people who believe they are eating a healthy diet may be doing themselves more harm than good.

Some of the foods that we are fooled into consuming

There are various foods that we are fooled into adding to our diets because we believe that they are healthy. Some of the foods that you may be consuming – and that you should consider cutting from your diet – include:

  • Fruit juice: Most of us believe that fruit juice is one of the healthiest things to drink. However, speak to your dentist and you will hear something quite different. In terms of oral health, fruit juice can be almost as bad as fizzy soda. Dentists recommend only drinking fruit juice with food and even then limiting the amount you drink each day. There is also a lot of fructose in fruit juice, which is then processed by the liver and turned into fat.
  • Sugar-free goods: When we see the words ‘sugar-free’ we generally tend to associate the product with healthy eating. However, many sugar-free products such as gum and bakery goods contain sugar alcohols. This includes xylitol, isomalt, and sorbitol amongst others. These have strong links to issues such as allergies, bloating, and headaches.
  • Microwave popcorn: Many people enjoy settling down to watch a movie with some popcorn. For some, microwave popcorn is the healthy and convenience choice. However, the packaging that the popcorn is in actually contains chemicals that are linked to cancer. In addition, the butter flavoring that is used in this popcorn is linked to lung disease.
  • Vegetable oils: There was a misconception that vegetable oils were the healthy option when it came to cooking. However, research has shown that oils such as canola oil are actually unhealthy and genetically modified. They are linked to all sorts of health problems including diabetes, cancer, liver issues, obesity, and birth defects to name but a few. Experts recommend opting for extra virgin olive oil instead.
  • Artificial sweeteners: A lot of people replace their sugar with artificial sweeteners believing this to be the healthy option. However, these artificial sweeteners can actually increase your cravings for sweet, sugary foods, so you end up worse off than you would be if you consumed small amounts of regular sugar.

You should bear in mind that sometimes it is better to consumer the original food item in moderation than to replace it with a so-called healthy version that actually does more harm than good.