5 million people may die from global warming by the year 2050


LONDON: Till 2050, more than 5 million people may die due to climate changes around the globe. People will directly suffer from lack of food and various diseases.
As per report on Food’s future presented in a scientific Journal by the Experts of Oxford University, the report proves that anyone can be a victim as 3.2% food reduction may take place due to the climatic changes. China, India and some other ocean countries may suffer severely.

In addition, production of red meat, fruits and vegetables may also reduce. Due to lack of the food many diseases may increase including, stroke and heart diseases. Because of which more than 5 million people may die till 2050. Expectant mothers can be seriously affected by malnutrition and may cause complications during childbirth.

Prediction about 2050:

According to the Experts, in the next 35 months, the consumption of fruits and vegetables will reduce to 4% and there will also be lack of red meat. Other experts also seems to be agreed with this prediction. For example, Global warming is already affecting the production of food and agricultural which can be seen now in many countries. Moreover, by the severe changes in the climate, agricultural production is being destroyed. Citing an example of it, during last year, mango and other crops were severely affected by heavy rains. Resultantly, mango production was too low because of intense weather.

It is clear that Experts have predicted about 2050 that 5 million people may die from global warming by the year 2050.