5 Most Expensive Sports of India



India has already emerged as one of the major competitors for expensive or super sports. Some of these include water thrill, air sports, and snow. The Asian country hosted the Commonwealth Games in the year 2010 in the city of Delhi.

Here is a list of top 5 expensive sports across the country:

1. Derby

This sport is referred to as The Sport of Kings. It is also covered in most of the India sports news by famous publications. Derby is a sport involving horse racing loved by business kings. Vijay Mallya, the Liquor king is the official sponsor of “McDowell Indian Derby”. Horse Racing is held in metro cities of India including Delhi racecourse, Bangalore Turf Club, Mahalaxmi race course and Pune race course.

2. Formula 1

It is the most expensive sports across the globe. The attractive racing cars and tracks make Formula 1 the most glamorous and advanced sports of the country. With only a few competitors, motor sport is very popular spectator sport across the country. Established in the year 2007, Force India Formula One Team Limited in the country trades as Force India F1. This is also the only Formula One motor racing team in the country. Narain Karthikeyan, the talented Formula One racing driver is the first of the country.

3. Polo

The polo sport in India originated in the state of Manipur. Presently, it is the most expensive sport across the globe. Polo players need round 8-10 horses. Interestingly, a specially trained horse in this sport is more expensive than players. The credit for popularizing this sport goes to Muslim emperors of India from the medieval period. Some of the best Polo Clubs of India include Jaipur Polo Club, Manipur Polo Club, Haryana Polo Club, and Calcutta Polo Club. The first polo club of India is the Calcutta Polo Club. It is also the oldest club of the world. Apart from horse polo, elephant and camel polo are very popular in India.

4. Shooting

This is not a new sport. Shooting has been in existence in India since ancient years. It was a favorite sport among the Maharajas. These days, shooting is emerging as one of the most expensive sports. The skilled shooters from the country are doing well at international level. Some of the famous shooters of India are Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, Jaspal Rana, and Anjali Bhagat.

5. Golf

Golf is one of the fastest growing sports all over India. In fact, India is the second fastest growing golf market across the globe. Rated as one of the most sophisticated, beautiful and clean sport, golf is played with etiquette. The player is supposed to wear polo t-shirts teamed with deftly pressed trousers. Some of the best golf courses in India include Royal Springs golf course in Zabarvan hills and one located on the banks of the world famous Dal Lake in Srinagar city. Baroda Gaekwad Golf Club and Royal Calcutta Golf Club are widely appreciated and oldest golf India. Bangalore is home to 18 holes Golf Course which is rated as the best course.