5 Reasons Why (ISC)² CISSP Certification Will Be Game-Changer for Cybersecurity Professionals


If you’re a cybersecurity professional wanting to be at the top of the game, then nothing can be as helpful for you as the CISSP badge by (ISC)². The way it shapes the knowledge and skill of a cybersecurity professional and makes them job-ready is highly commendable. With a proven track record of excellence, this credential has become a milestone in the cybersecurity industry. In case you still have doubts about whether it’s the best bet for you or not, here are 5 fantastic reasons why you should go for it and how it can help you excel in your key operations area. So:


1. It is a well-recognized badge

Don’t ever think of considering the CISSP credential as any regular one. It’s highly recognized and has enduring appeal across the globe. Let’s present some details in this regard to make you believe in this statement.

  • The CISSP holds ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024 accreditation.
  • Several times, SC Magazine has crowned the CISSP badge as Best Professional Certification Program.
  • As of now, there are more than 131,000 CISSPs in more than 170 countries.

These figures are enough to give an insight into what kind of merit this credential holds in the industry.


2. Maximum earning potential

A mere mention of the CISSP certification in your resume can increase your earning potential by two-folds. The average pay of a CISSP professional is $131,030 per year according to the data shared by the vendor, (ISC)².

3. Better hold over skills

After you pass the associated test and earn the CISSP badge, you will have extensive knowledge of key cybersecurity concepts, which will make you the best professional for any cybersecurity job role.


4. Maximized career potential

CISSP qualified professionals are recognized at a global level and are considered as a highly qualified workforce. Possessing the (ISC)² CISSP certification you can easily explore the job opportunities worldwide and bag them as well because there is nothing as prestigious as the CISSP badge.


5. Better exposure and connection

Earning the CISSP credential will allow you to become a part of the world’s largest community of cybersecurity professionals. More than 140,000 members are associated with (ISC)² at present. Becoming a member of such a recognized community means getting better exposure. Here, you will be updated with the latest cybersecurity trends and attend a technical webinar. It’s an easy way to remain relevant to the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity.


Do You Still Need More Reasons?

Going for the CISSP badge to excel in your career is indeed the best decision that any cybersecurity professional could ever make. But, the road that leads you here is no smooth as butter. It’s highly bumpy. Just as the CISSP badge is the world’s most advantageous one, its associated assessment is the toughest professional test. So, you need more than your regular study plan and training course to make through it. Practice tests with real-time exam questions are a great way to get acquainted with the test patterns, learn about time management, cement your knowledge, and increase your success probability.


In Conclusion

When you have the (ISC)² CISSP certification by your side, you can win accolades years after years and, in time, it will establish you as a veteran. So, just think of obtaining it with the help of practice tests and witness a thrilling career jump.