5 Spray painting trends for your house


Spray painting has many advantages over traditional painting using a brush. Here are tips on how to improve the job.

Over spray:

Spray painting a larger house is more beneficial as it requires much less manual labour. The painting is finished quickly but it does require some extra preparation time. During spray painting the paint is dispersed over a wider area and this makes the application much harder to control. It also means that much of the paint is lost through over spray. Make sure you cover all windows, doors and other areas that you do not wish to paint.

Using the correct spray gun:

Make sure your are using the correct spray gun for the job. Airless sprayers are the most useful as they can be used with a wide variety of different paints. They also are quick and easy to set up, use and clean afterwards.

A compressed air sprayer will give you a better quality finish but are much harder to use due the paint being under a higher pressure and therefore controlling the paint application is much harder.

HVLP sprayers give the benefits of both Airless sprayers and Compressed air sprayer. The finished product is as good as the Compressed air sprayer but the HVLP sprayer using much less pressure the control of the paint is easier and more cost effective.

No matter which type of spray gun you choose, there are some basic tips you should follow

1 Hold the spray gun 12 to 16 inches from the surface you are painting. This will affect the quality of the finished coat.

2 Test the sprayer on a large piece of cardboard to make sure the spray is even and consistent.

3 Always keep the tip of the sprayer clean by wiping off excess paint at regular intervals.

4 Always clean your sprayer thoroughly after use as any dried paint left in the system can affect the quality of the spray in future projects you may have.

Over lapping of colours:

When using different colours close to each other it is essential to protect from over spray. This not difficult when using a brush. Before attempting to overlap colours it is important to practice on areas that do not matter. This technique can be very difficult to master so practicing is very important. Overlapping using brushes is much easier but the paint thickness will be different and therefore noticeable.

Painting in enclosed places:

Spray painting leaves the surrounding air filled with paint dust and can be dangerous when inhaled. Wearing protective masks, gloves and clothing is very important. This can add to the cost but is a cost worth absorbing as our health is always the most important aspect of the job.

This years colour schemes.

The colour schemes popular for 2019 are of pale colours for skirts and cupboards with a more whitish wall. Because of this it is recommended to use good quality paints that are easily washable. White walls and kids do not go together well so to save yourself time in the future make sure those dirty marks are easily removed.

Spray painting your house can make the job much faster and cost effective. It is much better for larger areas due to its waste and mess factor so be careful when in small confined areas.The best thing about spray painting is the equipment can be used for so many other things other than your house.

Re-spraying the kids bikes or furniture around the house can extend the life of these items and also makes the purchasing cost of the spraying equipment much more cost effective. Enjoy the beautiful house you will create by learning the simple skill of spray painting.