5 Tips for Hiring a Law Firm That Will Help You Win Your Case



Hiring a lawyer is a challenging task because you put your case in the lawyer’s hands and rely on him and his team for winning your side of the argument. When stuck in a legal rut, it is common for us to ask around for the best law firm to work with to pave our way out of the problem.

While this is a good approach, you need to be extra careful. Your search for a lawyer does not end when a friend passes on a lawyer’s business card to you. In fact, it only begins as there are a lot of questions that you need to ask before you hire a lawyer.

To make matters easy for you though, here is a compilation of some useful tips that will make the hiring process smooth for you:

1. Look for the right law firm

If it is your first time that you are looking for a lawyer, then you may not know that there are different types of law firms. These types each solve different legal problems. For instance, a criminal law firm specializes in providing criminal defense in criminal cases.

Similarly, you have other types of law firms such as solo firms, small and large law firms, and litigation law firms among others. So, whenever, you have a name, for example,Abdelhadi & Associates, look it up and learn the area it specializes in.

2. Work with a law firm with experience

You can start by looking for the respective law firm once you understand the category in which your problem falls. After the type of law firm you want to work with is clear, you should concentrate on searching for a legal team with relevant experience. It is in your best interest to work with an advocate who has fought and won cases that are as similar as your case.

3. Read the law firm’s reviews and testimonials

It is always helpful to go the extra mile. To this end, ask the firm’s past clients about how well they handled their case. Additionally, head to the law firm’s website and read the testimonials presented over there. You can also go through the published case results. What’s more, visit review sites such as Google Reviews and Yelp to learn what others say about the firm.

4. Ask several questions

When you get to the point of shortlisting the law firm that you want to work with, ask a lot of questions.  Ask questions concerning your matter as well as the lawyer’s practice. Some important questions to begin with include:

  • Which lawyer in the law firm will be working with you?
  • How many similar cases have the firm handled and what were their outcomes?
  • How will the team keep you informed about the developments in your case?
  • How responsive will the firm and the respective lawyer be to emails and phone calls?

5. Pay attention to the first impression

The first impression that you develop for the law firm is a window into how things will unfold. For instance, focus on how easy it is to get in touch with the lawyer when you call his office for the first time. If the lawyer couldn’t take the call, observe how fast he gets back to you.

It is a red flag if you have to wait for a lengthy period to connect with the lawyer. It shows that the lawyer may not turn out to be responsive to you in the future as well. On the flip side, a good law firm will get back to you sooner rather than later and assist you thoroughly.

Wrap up

All in all, you don’t have to complicate matters when looking to work with a suitable law firm. Be clear about the type of law firm that you want to work with. Check if the firm has previously handled similar cases. Don’t forget to pay attention to other details such as the first impression and learning what the firm’s past clients have to say about them.