50 millions DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) for the Modi.


NEW DELHI: Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi critisized the Chief Minister of Bihar namely Nitish Kumar after the taunting the Biharis were sent hundreds of DNA samples to the Prime Minister.

Last month Indian Prime Minister Narendar Modi on the election relations’ decision taunted and said to Chief Minister Nitish Kumar Modi , Bharatiya Janata Party ( BJP ) that there is something wrong in their political DNA.

It is cleared that in India before 2014 general elections Nitesh Jumar was protested on the participation of Narendar Modi as candidate and objected for his secularity and said that the communal tension between Hindus and Muslims in India can increase by him.

It was said by Nitesh Kumar that Narendar Modi hurted Biharis so the decision was taken by them that people of the State of Bihar will send 50 millions sample of DNA to Modi.

It was said by a member of party that 60 thousand people have sent their DNA’s while in the State capital 15 million DNA’s have been sent.