7 Best Tips To Hire WordPress Developer



WordPress is one of the most convenient platforms available for web development and people can carry out a lot of modifications on their own even if they do not possess significant technical knowledge. Engaging a WordPress developer will be helpful, though as the professional will complete the task quickly in a trouble-free manner. The complexities involved in some project may also force a user to hire WordPress developer and some suggestions are being presented which will be helpful for people looking for expert WordPress programmers.

1. Evaluating The Project Requirements

Anyone looking for a developer must first evaluate and identify all the requirements of the project before starting the search for a professional. The objectives that are expected to be fulfilled after the completion of the project must be listed and assessed to estimate the expected budget for it. A WordPress developer can be required not only for building a website but also for development or customization of a theme or the creation of a plugin. Once all this information has been assessed, an idea about the budget of the whole project can also be estimated.

2. Listing Of All The Requisite Skills

Once all the requirements have been identified, the next logical step is to assess what sort of technical skills the professional must possess in order to complete the project. An assignment with simple requirements will not need a developer with considerable experience while a complex project like creating a custom theme will require the hiring of a professional who not only has spent years working in the field but also possesses sound technical knowledge.

3. Identifying The Avenues To Find Developers

There are multiple avenues which can be explored to find and hire WordPress developer and one of the best ways is to contact an acquaintance who has recently commissioned a project similar to yours. Referrals will make the process smoother as you are sure of the chosen person’s skill and expertise. Another good option is to find freelancers from reputed platforms or authoritative job boards which are good places to find professionals at economical prices but the user will have to conduct an assessment of the candidate’s proficiency and experience.

4. Shortlisting Professionals After Matching Skills

After a few candidates have been identified who seem appropriate for the job, their skill sets must be matched with the list that you have prepared. This will help in paring down the list to the most suitable developers for the project who can then be approached. Matching the skill sets will also help in saving time as only those professionals will be needed to be called for discussions who possess the ability to complete the task successfully.

5. Conduct A Background Check Of The Candidates

It is essential to conduct a thorough background check of all the candidates shortlisted for the job and check whether their claims about their skills are true or not. Try to ascertain whether they are active on reputed technical forums and ask them to provide their portfolios. Any seasoned developer will have some good personal projects apart from work undertaken for various clients.

6. Interview The Shortlisted Developers

Once the most suitable professionals have been identified, they must be asked to come for discussions and if you do not possess much technical knowledge try to take help from someone who does and ask him/her to be present while you interview the candidates. An interview is also a very good time to judge the communication and presentation skills of the individuals as these are also vital for the smooth conduct of the whole project.

7. Finalize The Most Suitable Professional

Asking all the candidates for a price quotation will also be pertinent but the final decision must not be made on this basis only and instead the professional with the requisite skills and reasonable quote must be finalized. Finding out the standard fees for your project will also be beneficial in making the final assessment.


The final decision to hire WordPress developer must be made only after ensuring that the chosen professional possesses all the requisite skills and experience to take the project to its logical end in a smooth manner.

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