7 Time Hacks for Working Women


Around 61% of women today are juggling family and career, which leaves very little time for them to pursue personal interests. If you are among those women, every second you can shave off from daily mundane tasks is precious and could add up to minutes or even hours in a day of possibly enjoying life more. It is something most women, like the owners of cosmetic tattooing centre La Klinic, can relate to. Ladies, this is for you. Here are a few useful hacks that can help you save time so that you can live and love your life more.

Hairstyle hack

It takes time to dry your hair after showering. Add the time it would take to style your hair to something acceptable, and you would have spent much of your waking hours before you even left the house. Skipping blow-drying to save a few minutes is not a good idea. Going out with wet hair can cause hair problems like breakage or dandruff. Instead, consider going short. Find a style that will suit you that would not take so much time to blow-dry or style.

Automate tasks

Take advantage of modern technology and automate what you can. Sign up for auto-payment on recurring bills like cable subscription, internet, credit card bills, the list goes on. You can also avail online groceries from most supermarkets and have them delivered to your home.

Makeup hack

On average, women spend 55 minutes a day doing makeup. This should give you an idea of how much time you would save if you invest in one trip to La Klinic to get the more permanent cosmetic tattooing. All it takes is one to two painless hours that would last you one to three years of hassle-free mornings before going to work.

Smart use of smart devices

People spend more than 3 hours a day on their cellphones. That does not include other gadgets like the tablet. These devices can simplify your life, but it can also suck up most of your time, depending on your degree of self-control. Focus more on apps that make your life easier than browsing aimlessly through Instagram or Facebook.

Ask for help

Women today are more empowered, but it does not mean you should do everything. Delegate other tasks. Let your kids do simple chores. It builds their character and could be a good bonding moment for you as you work together in the kitchen. You could also ask for your partner’s help inside the house, like preparing breakfast or taking the kids to school.

Get up early

Based on a 2015 report, women usually get up at around 6:30 am after 7.5 hours of sleep. This pattern changes a bit depending on the age group, with the younger women getting up about 30 minutes later. Regardless of which group you belong to, you could get up 30 minutes or one hour earlier and still get a healthy amount of sleep. You can go for a quick run or workout, or organise your activities for the day.

The power of freezer meals

Preparing dinner takes about an hour to 1.5 hours, depending on the dish. Preparing freezer meals could be a lifesaver for days when you really don’t have the time to cook from scratch.

If you have ever felt like the whole day went by and you did not get anything done, you are not alone. But it is a sign that you have to start taking a look at what you can change. Pause for a while and take stock of your life, so you can start living and loving it more.