84 years Russian Actor Ivan Krasko got married with a 24 years student and has wish to giving birth to children.


MOSCOW: The Russian Legendary Actor Ivan Krasko who is 84 years old has gotten married with his just 24 years old student and is wanted to have children. The girl was sent him love poetry.

It is said by the newly married couple that their relation was confirmed in heaven. They were just come in the world to fulfill it.

It was said by Ivan Krasko that he knew that his wife is 60 years younger than him however he has wish to having a family out of sight him.

It is remembered that He Natalya Shevel were met when he was being taught at a university in St Petersburg.

It was further stated by him that we are needed each other at last. On Wednesday at St Petersburg on the occasion of their wedding he wore Naval uniform that was he worn when he was commander.