You Can see A Camera Without a Lens , Hitachi is on working


You thought that Apple was making a phone without a headphone jack wild, wait until you hear this.

Camera lenses are not required Hitachi Construction is working on it. After Instead, the company claims, is captured photos taken with the camera will be drawn.

Apple allows you to carry out headphone jack like the claim that large batteries and other parts to be put into use lensless Tech Hitachi says it will be a slimmer and lighter cameras.

Lensless cameras “Moire fringes are possible thanks to a technique called pattern of development” – you specify Company rife,. Hitachi cameras is planning to make use of this technology by 2018

The company is also hoping to use the lensless photography car driving, vehicles and robotics. Such as CCTV surveillance for the tech blurred, because people often face low focal ranges. For example, with Hitachi’s tech lensless camera, images can now be adjusted for people to identify more clearly on the fly from a range of theoretical depths.