A cat wears sunglasses and clothes 24 hours


NEW YORK: 2 years old ‘Beagle’s Cat’ photo is currently becoming very popular on the Internet and social media because it has no eyelids and even it has no eye glands to remove water. That’s why it wears sunglasses for 24 hours and several times a day, drops instills in its eye.

Beagle has another disease that it cannot maintain their body temperature and that’s why it has to wear clothes. According to its Mistress Karen Mick Gill, Beagle photo has been viral on Facebook and Instagram. People are sharing its story in large numbers constantly. The veterinarians have advised that cat eyes are very sensitive and it has to wear sunglasses. Otherwise, the cat can blind

The interesting thing is that now the cat has addicted of wearing glasses. Interestingly, it enjoys wearing sunglasses. Sunglasses are just put off during drops. People amaze to look the cat wearing glasses and started capturing its photo. Instead of clothes, Beagle does not express any confusion. After looking towards it, people smile and entertain a lot. Its photo is becoming very famous on Instagram account. Those tell others about it, so they do not believe that a cat wears sunglasses and clothes.