A diamond of 28 million dollars which is big as a pound coin.


A pink diamond was put for the auction its size is same as a coin of pound. It was put for auction by Christie’s International for an estimated $28m.

This diamond was purchased by a store in 10 million dollars 20 years ago. It is being expected to break sales records when bidding commence on 10th of November in Geneva.

It is the diamond which ever came to the market and out of sight one of the incomparable size and colour. It is said by Christie’s International that in 250 years just four in like manner diamonds which had similar shape and size have been sold in auction.

Essentially a cushion cut good looking vivid pink diamond has 16.08 carat gem. It is the uppermost colour ranking a diamond can be given and fancy vivid goes to intense shade of pink.


It was said by Rahul Kadakia who is Christie’s head of jewellery that this is the Rolls Royce of diamonds. It will be the one of the most uppermost diamond which will come to auction.

Pink diamond is considered the major royal collection in the world. The gem was cut in a shape of cushion and set in a ring. That may enhance its desirability but its value is not at all expected to affect.

It was said by Melvyn Kirtley Chief Gemmologist for luxury jewellery brand company Tiffany & Co.

This is the treasure which is not just only to wear and enjoy while it is also a great investments which value will speedily enhance. More than double in value the sellers of diamond is seen.

It was further added by Rahul Kadakia that investors are always be worried about it that where they should invest or not.

The diamond was priced by Christie’s between 23 million to 28 million dollars with the intention of investors, traders and collectors. Mr. Kadakia further added that he is being expected that prince could go more.