A glass of orange juice saves you from cancer and stroke


NEW YORK: According to the Experts, if you drink only two cups of orange juice daily, you can save yourself from many diseases. According to the Experts, oranges contain a special kind of ingredients that is known as ‘Hesperidins’. This magical mix improves blood flow throughout the body including the brain.

Experts for this experiment, many people were given 2 cups of orange juice that contained ‘Hesperidins D’ and through a special machine Laser Doppler flux and laser, the blood flow in the skin was noted. So their blood flow was better and the blood pressure was also normal.

On the other hand, some people were given two cups of pure orange juice without Hesperidins. Results were better than Hesperidins and blood flow was even better throughout the body. It showed that orange juice is more effective than Hesperidins supplement.

The experts gathered such women in another research whose edges of hands and feet were numb due to slow blood circulation during cold weather. These women were kept in a very cold room and a group given the sour juice of the fruit with ironically Nutrients.

It was revealed in the experiment that blood flow was very dim in those women who drank fake juice as they were shaking from the cold because the temperature of their hands and feet fingers had fallen to 13 degrees centigrade. The women who drank the real juice, their hands and feet were numbed much later as their blood flow remained stable for a longer period.

In addition, the women who drank juice were directed to put hands in the cold water. The women who drank orange juice felt colder much later in comparison to others.

According to the Health Experts, orange juice keeps you safe from strokes. Remember that a glass of orange juice saves you from cancer and stroke so never forget to make it an essential part of your daily routine.