A homeless man fired building completely to protect from coldness


There is no lack of such selfish people in all over the planet, who can do anything for their interest even they can also do harm for others as well. Such like incident occurred in America where an American fired the building because he was just feeling cold.

According to an American Website, in the Louisiana State, fire completely engulfed the building together with police. Until 2 hours, the occupants of a building did not know that flames are in their nests. They knew about this incident when fire had engulfed around nearer buildings. The local administration controlled the fire after several hours of hard work. This incident did not cause any casualties. But surely the loss of millions of dollars happened.

When police investigated then it was known, this fire applied and a homeless man is responsible for it.25-years old ‘Darren Daniel’has been taken into police custody and an investigation has started by police. He did not just accept his crime in front of police rather also told a reason of it. Police stunned to her reason. According to Darren, he was feeling so cold and wanted to keep himself warm. He had not any arrangement for it so he fired the building.