A new channel has been initiative namely, The British Muslim TV.


The British Muslim channel was launched in June, in the UK, a number of channels have already been grown which are ethics minorities and religious niche channels in recent years, but un likewise the concerns channels contents of programme’s British channel was made in UK and funded, has been marked on the British’s sky digital platform, to erecting filming was been completed out of sight several voices in UK of the Muslim community to incorporated the polices, comfortably British and confidently Muslims.

The face book and twitter were comprehended to count interest hence the channel.
Presently inside the end of the last year the British Muslim channel was conceptualized, and was being planned since initialize of 2014, advertising was incipient to accumulate and raise the concept into reality.

Consequently to director of communication and marketing namely Wasim Akhter, comprehended Aamer Naeem the chef editor, Danny Lacey creative director, Arshad Ashraf Director, and others senior members of the channel.

Since 2004, the channels are being broadcasted of the Muslims community, they are nay new in UK, but Islam channel has become the most valuable and to hear English language it is free to air Muslim satellite channel, South Asian was focused by only these channels likewise Peace TV, Noor TV and Iqra TV, while these few contents are broadcasted in Urdu or Bangladeshi. Presently Hidayet TV and Ahlebait TV was focused by Shai’s.

Almost 60 % people of Britain, 1.6 million watch Islamic channel, further it was expressed by Wasim Akhter, while he was voicing to Al-Arabiya news that the British Muslim TV’s motive is set off others those channels which are Muslim based in UK, this channel is not at all concerned about the consequence of faith , it is superiorly hence practical life of Muslim presence in Britain.

This is the most significant sign for all over the world that Islam is being widened from different sources and it is the most convenient and effective source from them. It has been accurately proved that the channel is being played a vital role to awake people out of sight to ALMIGHTY ALLAH and hence his blessing.

May ALMIGHTY ALLAH also fulfill our hearts with his love and affection gracefully with his blessing (Ameen).