A New Guardian of Saudi Arabia is Mohammad Bin Salman


Saudi Shah Salman’s son is likely to accept the throne, and he can preserve the responsibilities of the Vice-President, Wali Muhammad bin Salman next week.

The British media has claimed that the Saudi king will surrender the Saudi responsibility to Mohammad bin Salman next week.

The 81-year-old Saudi decree will hold the duties of Servant of Haramain Sharifain only to him.

The British media has claimed that after the reign of the kingdom Wali Mohammad Bin Salman, will turn his attention to Iran and Labnan in the Middle East, and he will not be able to avoid fighting if he is a foreigner.

Two weeks ago, the committee headed by Wali Mohammad Bin Salman, against the corruption and misconduct, took a big step while arresting dozens of important figures including 11 princes and 4 ministers, including Prince Wali bin Talal.

It is clear that 5 months ago, Saudi Arabia’s King Salman had appointed his 31-year-old Prince Mohammad Bin Salman as his new guardian’s veneration instead of the 57-year-old Prince Muhammad bin Naif.