A non-Muslim entered in the holy mosque (MASJID E NABVI)


A citizen of is Israel he captured his picture in the HOLY MOSQUE of CITY MADINA. This picture has become a source of anger over the social media of Arab world.

Ben Tzion, 31, year-old Israeli born in Russia, he posted his visited photo of Iran, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Jordan on social media.

In the photos posted on their Facebook page, they can be seen in the holy mosque of the holy city Madina.

Tzion said in a post on Facebook: “Saudi people will stand with the Jewish nation”.

In a picture, Tzion can be seen dance with wearing in long traditional clothes until the ankles with the sword of Saudi Arabia, called “Soab”.

He said in another post: “Peace in the Middle East is with love and respect for each other”.

It is clear that non-Muslims are prohibited from visiting Mekka and they are advised not to enter the main part of the Medina where the mosque is situated. However, Tzion says religious places located in Madina are open to the public.


Talking to the news Times of Israel, Tzion said, “It is the hobby of visiting Muslims countries.” He declared his message “respect for other cultures and beliefs”. It is clear that Tzion in the year 2014, become Israeli citizens were formed.


“The Arab world never with his envy, and they told that they love Israel and the Jews.”

Tzion said that they received the visas and legally entered all the sacred places, but they did not explain that they traveled on the passports.

They also posted photos of Iran’s cities in Tehran and Qum on social media.


It is clear that Israel’s citizens are not allowed to visit Iran.

Despite his expressions of peace, anger was expressed on the photographs of his post.

Arabic Hashtag on social media attracted more than 90,000 tweets in “a Jewish in Holly mosque” in the past 24 hours.

An Arab Twitter user said: “scholars (Ulama) prisoners are in prison while the Zionist is in holly mosque, it is troubling.”

Another user said that “in the era of “Al-Saud”, Zionists and Islamists and enemies of Muslims are insulting the mosque of the Prophet.”

Another tweet was written in this hashtag “a Zionists in holly mosque (Masjid e Nabvi)”.

According to the Times of Israel, watching the platform sharing process, closing the Tzion account was seen by the people on Instagram in full of unhappy comments.