A Roll number issued to a cow for giving exam in Jummu Kashmir.


SRINAGAR: In India an incredible incident was taken place in which Indian Board of professional Examination was assigned a roll number and a data sheet to a cow, this event of issued slip to a cow was held in Srinagar Educational Board. As a result of an Indian Media resident of Srinagar Abdul Rasheed Bhatt send a admission form for examine the management of the Board of Professional Examination. He wrote his cow name Kachar and he father name of his cow Goranand in the admission form, in connecting with admission form attach a photo of his cow with a form herewith and submitted it to a concerning board.

He was increasingly surprised and shocked when he was received data sheet and roll number by the board, The name of her father and her cow ‘s head, tail and hooves , as well as images of cows were also engaged. It was further voiced by the owner of cow that I was extremely shocked when I saw data sheet and examination roll number of my cow which was result of the form submitted by me to the Srinagar Educational Board. The interest of sending form is not at all to make fun of anybody truly I wanted to show people that what is the system of education in India.