A sea scorpion was discovered which is taller than human.


IOWA: According to Experts there was ruled of scorpions in seas approximately 46 billion years ago which heights were more than human being.

According to the American University Paleontologists the scorpion which was found in the States of America Iowa city Decorah this scorpion today Horseshoe crabs an belongs to a group of insects in which spiders and scorpions were included and it is also the largest animal yet thus was found in this group.

The experts gave huge difficult name which length was 1.7 meter long and according to Experts it had been the magnitude hunter of sea.

Experts surprised to see the next extraordinary arms of it and maybe it takes them to swim and excavation work while the back arm was slightly curved by which it takes the work to catch hunt.

Experts found signs of this animal out of sight a pit. Impressions of the meteoroid after hitting rocks scorpion was.