A Secret planet may collide to the earth and cause destruction this month, Scientist warning


NEW YORK: A Secret planet may collide to the earth and cause destruction this month, Scientist warning. In the recent month a planet passed closer to the earth and the earth saved out of sight a huge destruction.

But this risk is probably not disappeared that’s why some Astronomers and Scientists have warned that a secret planet is moving rapidly towards earth and it may collide to earth any time and cause of horrible destruction.

The scientists who are kept the close eye on Galaxies and Planets, UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects) and has conspiracy theories have been warned that a huge secret Planet X or Nibiru will collide to the earth and cause terrific destruction or this planet may collide to the earth in coming being grown.

For saving from it so many Governments secretly have been commenced measures to avoid the divesting effects of it. In which training of soldiers is also included.

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) has also admitted it that European and American Governments are planning to save from this destruction.

According to those who agreed on this prediction that due to this planet gravity is increased located on the North and South poles will change the geographical area of several continents and 600 foot tide can cause from it and hereinafter colliding planet rock like pieces of planet will collide to the earth in large quantities.

It is said by the Scientists who are working on Aliens that when this planet will pass from North Pole then will turn its position towards east.

It was claimed by them that China is making integrated strategy to save from this destruction rather in Puerto Rico Shroud and Bags are making in large quantities.

American Government is preparing emergency ration water and hot food. The UN (United Nation) peacekeeping mission and the Russian military are learning English.

It is further added by followers of this secret planet that Planet X can bring significant changes to planets which are lived far rather the unnamed planet that NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and other astronauts could not come out yet.

This existence of this planet was found the reality colour in 1983 when NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)’s space capacities Infrared Astronomical Satellite suddenly a distant planet in the Solar signs of hope which is largest from Jupiter and the most closer to earth and next year, 2 Astronauts Doctor claimed in a study that they have discovered various such like gigantic bodies which had been into existence 2 Crore 60 Lac years ago.

It was at last added by agreed people out of sight planet that Nemesis from the Sun revolves around the Earth is moving rather the claim of them was at that time also bolstered when a University Experts told that Like Jupiter and Saturn, the solar system’s largest planet exists.