A worker eats a plate of soil daily


UTTAR PRADESH: Some people have very rare abilities and Habits. Thanks to which, they get the attention of the world. Such capabilities even surprise people. Among them, is also a worker from Uttar Pradesh, India. A worker eats a plate of soil daily. He also eats pieces of bricks.

Resident of India, 45 years old Hans Raj is eating clay since he was only 20 years old. He likes the test of soil very much. According to Hans Raj, he remains healthy because of the minerals contained in the soil.

He is known as ‘Man of Soil’ in his neighborhood. While, according to Doctors, he is suffering from ‘Pica’ disease. In this disease, any person who eats uneatable foods and goods often in takes too dangerous and poisonous unwanted materials as well. According to Hans Raj, so far he has not eaten any poisonous or dangerous thing as he claims that is in spite of eating soil, he has never been the hunt of any disease or pain.

According to Hans Raj, in the beginning, he used to lick the walls. After which I started eating pieces of stones and bricks. Now he has been habitual of it. His teeth are so strong that he breaks small pieces of stones through his teeth. Professionally, Hans Raj is a worker and constructs houses. During the whole day work, he eats soil and stones.