Aamir Khan reduces 13 KG of his weight for the Movie


MUMBAI: The Bollywood’s Mr. Perfect ‘Aamir Khan’ has started reducing his weight which is now down to 82 KG.

The Bollywood Actor Aamir Khan fulfills real colors in his role, and that’s why he never hesitates in taking any kind of risk. That was the reason he added 25 KG weight for his film ‘Dangal’. Because of it, his weight had gone up to 95 KG and due to which, he suffered severe tensions of Health. However, now he has started to lose weight for another movie.

Aamir Khan has to shoot some scenes for his film ‘Dangal’, for which he has reduced himself down to 82 KG. But Mr. Perfectionist wants to lose 12 KG more. In this regards, he says that I had increased to 95 kg in weight for a film but now I have reduced 13 KG of my weight. However, I want to reduce 12 KG more and look like as I was in my film ‘Gajni’.

Bollywood Actor Aamir Khan’s film ‘Dangal’ will be released on December 1st, this year.

In the long run, Aamir Khan reduces 13 KG of his weight for the Movie.