Actor Shahid Kapoor will get marry on 7th of July, 2015.


MUMBAI: The invitation card of Shahid Kapoor has been come in front of all depending which Shahid Kapoor wedding will get on 7th July, 2015 at Gor Gao, Hariana.

According to Indian Media Shahid Kapoor and his fiyonci Meera Rajput wedding had been discussing out of sight several months, Stashed News their wedding ceremonies to be in Greece ever so sometimes in Punjab however now their wedding invitation has been appeared according to which their wedding will be held in a hotel of Gor village, New Delhi. In wedding close relatives, loved ones and friends are invited.

Shahid Kapoor hereinafter marriage has also arranged a special treat in Mumbai. Bollywood belonging to the main political figures and VIP personalities will attend that program. It was said by Shahid Kapoor regarding his wedding that his fans know a lot about his marriage in comparable of him.

That way his fans are aware of his films similarly he could tell his friends about his marriage but his fans accept gossips truth which prevented him from talking about it.